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Chu Ci witnessed its horns suddenly melt, and the metal halo envelop its body. When she heard the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s painful mooing, she could not help but be greatly anxious, her mind somewhat shaken.

At that moment, Lin Yuan said, “The Sharp Iron Horn Bull will undergo an all-round change when it evolves into a Fantasy Breed. Since its metamorphosis is based on its genetic model, the pain is inevitable when it reshapes its body.”

Lin Yuan’s words put Chu Ci at ease, even though the Sharp Iron Horn Bull was mooing painfully.

Chu Ci felt an indescribable heartache for this companion, which she had spent a long time with.

This greenish-black metal halo was unusually thick, but a ball of pure masstone rose from it and flowed in the metal halo before a kind of obsidian-like luster emerged. Gradually, the obsidian-like luster replaced the greenish-black metal halo. Then, there was a mooing sound that even shook the breeding room.

This obsidian-like luster became restless before condensing, and the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s eyes absorbed all of it.

At that moment, along with Chu Ci’s cry of surprise, the Fantasy Breed Sharp Iron Horn Bull finally revealed its appearance.

If the Sharp Iron Horn Bull had sharp horns with heavy armor before, then its body was currently condensed with the strong aesthetics of a battle all over that was hidden behind the surging steel-like willpower, with a determination to go forward.

The Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s greenish-black body turned black, which was not just pure black. Rather, it was an obsidian-like flare where all sorts of colors would emerge from a beam of light.

When Lin Yuan looked at the Sharp Iron Horn Bull, he suddenly realized that it suddenly had aesthetics after evolving into a Fantasy Breed. It actually was in a five-colored black color.

But it must be said that the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s obsidian-like body, combined with the smooth metal lines’ aesthetics, made it shed its bulkiness.

Based on just its gaze now, it seemed to be a domineering and determined beast.

The Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s melted horns did not grow and left two black holes there.

With the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s intent, the metal element that spurt out of the holes would form all sorts of horns on its head.

After its complete evolution, it trotted to Chu Ci’s side and fondly rubbed her hands with its head.

In the past, the Sharp Iron Horn Bull had to be very careful every time it came into contact with her, as its sharp horns would cut her hand upon contact.

After evolving into a Fantasy Breed, the Sharp Iron Horn Bull no longer needed to worry about hurting Chu Ci. This was because its horn had elementalized and would condense based on its intent during a battle.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, the elementalized horns were much stronger than its previous horns.

The Fantasy Breed Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s horns were much sharper and harder than before, but its elementalized ho

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