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Lin Yuan and Chu Ci were already walking on the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy’s campus and about to leave the academy. Since classes had ended, the campus was filled with laughter and noises.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly heard the two classmates beside them say, “What’s the loneliest thing you’ve ever heard?”

Another classmate opened his mouth without even thinking about it and answered, “Being the only one who hasn’t handed in your homework.”

Then, he asked, “Do you know what extreme sports are?”

The student that had asked previously was obviously an expert and replied instantly, “While the teacher is collecting our homework, you copy the other classmates’ homework to make up for your own.”

Lin Yuan frowned when he heard that. These two students were really witty. Fortunately, he never had to worry about Chu Ci’s studies.

Chu Ci, who was walking beside Lin Yuan, had never stopped smiling and was apparently in an excellent mood.

Lin Yuan looked at Chu Ci and said, “You’re really something! You’ve become a C-rank spirit qi professional, but why didn’t you tell me in the call? Had Teacher Bao not told me, how long were you going to hide it from me?”

Chu Ci stuck out her tongue before she then wrinkled her nose and replied, “I was going to tell you personally when you would visit me, but Teacher Bao leaked it out instead!”

Besides giving herself a peace of mind regarding her own progress, the happiest thing was probably to share with Lin Yuan so that her closest kin could share in the joy of her own improvement.

Lin Yuan was actually surprised. Although he knew that Chu Ci had exceptional talents, he did not expect her to become a C-rank spirit qi professional from a D-rank in such a short time of cultivation.

He knew that he was different. Upgrading a spirit qi professional’s rank relied on enhancing feys, so there was no need to compare himself with Chu Ci.

However, the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s top talents, like Sequence #3 Overflowing Sea, Long Tao, were currently only pinnacle B-rank spirit qi professionals. It was very difficult for them to reach A-rank.

Chu Ci was only 15 years old. When Long Tao was at that age, he might not have been able to break through to C-rank.

Just then, Chu Ci said softly, “Lin Yuan, I seem to have comprehended a Willpower Rune after breaking through to a C-rank spirit qi professional.”

After saying that, Chu Ci circulated her spiritual energy. A Willpower Rune with a dark metallic luster flew out of her spiritual mind and circled her.

Lin Yuan’s surprise had yet to be dissipated, and he did not expect Chu Ci to bring him another surprise again.

Since Chu Ci had already comprehended a Willpower Rune at the age of 15 meant that she could now possess a Fantasy Breed fey.

Although there was no absolute boundary between the grade of a spirit qi professional and their contracted fey, they were closely related.

For example, D-rank

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