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The Insect Queen had a very special method to obtain abilities. Unlike other feys and source-type lifeforms, which would obtain a corresponding ability when they progress in grade, the Insect Queen would obtain its abilities when it progressed to the next grade and consumed an insect-species fey. The insect-species fey’s genetic model would be engraved in the Insect Queen’s body. The Insect Queen would then absorb the genetic model and make its ability.

During combat, the Insect Queen could use up the energy in its body to rapidly reproduce the genetic model, producing the insect-species fey itself.

Take Liu Jie’s Gold Insect Queen’s abilities, Bayonet Beetle, Plasma Caterpillar, Lighting Gathering Moth, and Shield Ladybug. These four insect-species feys’ genetic models were all embedded within the Insect Queen’s body.

Lin Yuan could see that Liu Jie had put in a great amount of effort in the nurturing of the Insect Queen, especially in terms of the combination and choices of abilities.

When choosing each of the insect-species fey for the Insect Queen’s ability combination, Liu Jie didn’t pick those insect-species feys with extreme individual strength. Instead, he chose those with genetic models that were easy to replicate. At the same time, the insect-species feys with simple genetic models would have a qualitative change in strength as their numbers increased.

Take the Bayonet Beetles as an example. The Insect Queen was able to produce 100 of them quickly due to their simple genetic model. When a group of Bayonet Beetles crawled on the other feys’ bodies, it would feel like an execution of thousands of slashes due to their six blade-like legs.

The Shield Ladybug was a fey that was extremely adept at defense, and when in defense, it would open up an insect shield on its back. When a few of the Shield Ladybugs opened up their insect shields simultaneously, it would form a firm insect-armored wall. It was normally used to defend the Plasma Caterpillars that were adept at energy attacks but weak in defense.

The Plasma Caterpillars’ plasma wasn’t just extremely lethal, as they also had a paralysis effect. After getting paralyzed, the Bayonet Beetles would then attack relentlessly.

As for the Gold ability, it was the Lightning Gathering Moths. It was an insect-species fey that could fly in an agile manner while expending very little energy. The lightning attack from a single Lightning Gathering Moth wasn’t powerful. However, when an eclipse of Lightning Gathering Moths gathered lighting elements, they could blast out a destructive lightning cannon to create immense damage.

Furthermore, the Plasma Caterpillars’ plasma could also help the Lightning Gathering Moths gather lightning elements rapidly. It would greatly reduce the loading time required for the group of Lightning Gathering Moths to prepare the lightning cannon.

One had to admit that Liu Jie’s contracted Insect Queen was already a combatant with a com

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