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Since he had decided to improve Chu Ci’s capabilities, Lin Yuan did not delay at all. After Lin Yuan and Chu Ci went to have a meal, they headed to Redbud City’s Creation Master Association.

Lin Yuan had previously completed the Class 2 Creation Master’s test in Redbud City’s Creation Master Association.

This time, Lin Yuan met Elder Ning first. He realized that Elder Ning was still nurturing that Spiral-Toothed Shark.

As compared to two months ago, the Spiral-Toothed Shark had become much bigger and was more robust. This was an omen that the Spiral-Toothed Shark was about to return to its ancestry line.

It seemed that Elder Ning’s desire to activate a trace of the Megalodon’s bloodline in the Spiral-Toothed Shark’s body was really likely to come true.

After meeting Elder Ning, Lin Yuan rented a breeding room in the Creation Master Association as a Class 2 Creation Master. Then, he prepared some fresh fruits rich in spirit qi, which would be his meals.

In the next few days, Lin Yuan wanted to improve Chu Ci’s rank.

Although Chu Ci had been attending school in Redbud City for some time, it was still her first time in the Creation Master Association.

As a member of the Radiance Federation, even though Chu Ci was not really clear about the various aspects of how Creation Masters evolved feys, she was aware of the Creation Masters’ status in the Radiance Federation.

The fact that Lin Yuan had become a Creation Master made her proud. Lin Yuan’s expectation for Chu Ci was the same as her expectation for him. It was just that she wished for him to be healthy.

Nevertheless, they were proud of the other when any of them made any achievements.

Lin Yuan took the Vajra Butterfly out of the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box in the breeding room.

[Fey Name]: Vajra Butterfly

[Fey Species]: Nymphalidae/Heliconius

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Metal

[Fey Quality]: Epic


[Wing Block]: Congeal hard metal on its wings for blocking.

[Steel Pattern Shield]: Quickly attaches to the target and condenses a solid metal, transparent, all-around shield that can follow the target’s movement.

Exclusive Skill:

[Counterattack Tremor]: When attacked, it will rebound a portion of the damage from physical attacks or magic attacks, in the form of an energy tremor.

When he looked at this Vajra Butterfly, particularly its exclusive skills, Lin Yuan was very satisfied and said to Chu Ci, “This Vajra Butterfly suits you. It can take up the duties you have as a defense-type spirit qi professional.”

After the Vajra Butterfly’s appearance, Chu Ci only saw a butterfly the size of an adult’s fist fluttering around her. The butterfly’s wings shone with a dark metallic luster, carrying many metallic patterns.

While fluttering, the Vajra Butterfly flew to Chu Ci’s side with Lin Yuan’s gesture. Chu Ci reached out, and it immediately landed on her hand. She played with the Vajr

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