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Wen Yu was clenching that small amber bottle tightly and had unspeakable gratitude. She knew that it was that small drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar in the bottle that had completely changed her fate.

Without the drop of nectar Lin Yuan had given her, Wen Yu knew that she was destined to be eliminated during the spirit attendant’s ranking exam, and she would need to give up her position as a spirit attendant. But with Lin Yuan’s drop of nectar, she was at least able to keep her position as a spirit attendant.

She might not be able to get ranked at the top, but even if she was at the bottom, as long as she could stay in the Radiant Moon Palace as a spirit attendant, she would still be able to climb up the rankings.

Furthermore, this drop of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar had actually improved her constitution significantly.

All of the spirit attendants had similar talents, but Wen Yu’s improvement in strength was affected due to her damaged roots. Now that her aptitude was better, she would be able to catch up with other spirit attendants’ progress in just a matter of time.

When Wen Yu was walking toward the back, she took a glance at Jin Qi and realized that she was smiling. Thus, she looked at the entrance that was connected to the inner palace. Her face was beaming, and her eyes were filled with indescribable expectations.

Wen Yu couldn’t help sighing.

Ever since Jin Qi had learned that the Moon Empress had accepted a disciple that was around the same age as her, she had been filled with inappropriate thoughts. Wen Yu had reminded her, but in return, Wen Yu had received Jin Qi’s anger.

Wen Yu didn’t care if other spirit attendants would be picked, but Jin Qi would definitely not be picked—even though she was no. 2 among the spirit attendants—because their conversation that night had been brought to Lin Yuan’s ears by the autumn wind.

Just as Wen Yu walked to the back of all the spirit attendants, Jin Qi suddenly said to the spirit attendant standing in front of her, “Pan Yue! Why do you have a withered flower on your head?”

The spirit attendant called Pan Yue quickly removed the red flower on her head and took a look at it. It might not be withered, but it was rather listless. Pan Yue then quickly hid the red flower in her sleeve and said with frustration, “I have looked through many flowers, but you plucked all of them. You still dare to say it is withered, such shamelessness.”

When Jin Qi looked at Pan Yue, she felt much better. Pan Yue might be better looking than her, but it was only when she was quiet. Whenever Pan Yue spoke, everything would be torn apart. Why did a beautiful girl like her have to grow a mouth?

How could such an ignorant girl be picked?

Jin Qi was filled with confidence in herself. In terms of strength, she might only be ranked no. 2, but in terms of speech, Pan Yue would never be able to compare with her. Once Pan Yue started speaking, she woul

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