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After Lin Yuan had lunch with the Moon Empress, he took Wen Yu down the Leaning Moon Mountain and was prepared to head toward the agreed place with Liu Jie.

Lin Yuan was fiddling with his cell phone, ready to book an avian fey. It was indeed hard for him to travel without an avian fey.

When Wen Yu secretly glanced at Lin Yuan fiddling with his cell phone, her eyes lit up. She then said softly, “Young Lord, I have ready-made avian feys here. You don’t need to book them from Star Web.”

She channeled her spiritual energy and summoned a four-meter-long bird with a wingspan of six meters.

Lin Yuan felt that the large bird looked rather beautiful. It was covered in white feathers with a faint luster that looked like scattered sunlight.

He used True Data to check it and discovered that this large bird was a Silver Sunlight Egret. Ardea feys were relatively rare among the avian feys, but they also had high potential, growing up mostly with extraordinary combat power.

However, Sunlight Egrets were a surprise among them. They were a kind of feys with limited attack abilities. Their bodies’ scattered sunlight could soothe one’s mind, and most abilities they comprehended were to better increase their speed.

It could be said that Sunlight Egrets were very outstanding avian transportation feys. They were occasionally sold and even bought at high prices.

Due to their size, when they were at Bronze, they could grow to two meters with a four-meter-long wingspan. They could grow to four meters with a six-meter-long wingspan when they reached Silver, just like Wen Yu’s Sunlight Egret.

Few Silver avian feys could grow that big. If they reached Gold, Sunlight Egrets could carry dozens of people on their backs. Also, they had an elegant posture and looked graceful when they flapped their wings, so they were considered luxurious avian transportation feys.

Lin Yuan did not expect that Wen Yu would make a contract with such a fey. Ordinary Creation Masters would not usually contract with a Sunlight Egret, even if they nurtured one, as they could command their nurtured avian transportation feys without a contract.

After all, the Sunlight Egrets’ greatest advantage was their high visuals, fast speed, and specialization in transportation. Nonetheless, they almost had no combat ability, so it would be a waste if they became a contracted fey.

When Wen Yu saw Lin Yuan observing her Sunlight Egret, she said, “Young Lord, this Sunlight Egret was my first fey when I became a spirit attendant. I don’t like fighting. I only want to become a good Creation Master, so most of my contracted feys are not good in combat.”

Lin Yuan nodded. Everyone had their own right to decide the path they wanted to take, just like Wen Yu, who did not choose to take the path of a combat-class spirit qi professional.

Instead, she chose to devote all her energy to becoming a Creation Master, so she had faster growth compared to other Creation Maste

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