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Dimensional rifts had undoubtedly all sorts of source-type items. The source-type items had no exact strength or weakness in terms of ability. They were either compatible or incompatible, and sometimes, it was even up to how one would use them in the future.

It was just like the Source Seed that Lin Yuan had produced Red Thorn from. The Radiance Federation’s Scholars had once identified Source Seeds as one of the most useless source-type items. But in Lin Yuan’s hands, Red Thorn had perfectly stopped the pinnacle Class 1 insect tide based on its exclusive skill.

There were too many types of source-type items, and it had only been over 100 years since the Radiance Federation’s Spirit Qi Awakening.

Although many dimensional rifts had opened, there were still a huge amount of source-type items that remained unique to this day.

Each spirit qi professional had a different route to pairing with and choosing their feys. Therefore, it was very much a matter of luck to find the right one among the random source-type items in the dimensional rifts.

The feys’ contracts all depended on the spirit qi professional’s spiritual energy, but not the Source Seed. Although everyone’s spiritual energy differed, there was a limit to their spiritual energy. The contract of a Source Seed might likely not occupy their spiritual energy. This was undoubtedly akin to having an extra contracted fey spot.

A source-type item that did not occupy one’s spiritual energy was an excellent choice for Lin Yuan, whose spiritual energy was almost completely occupied by Morbius. However, a Source Seed that did not occupy one’s spiritual energy might also have more demanding requirements. For example, Cheng Rui’s Spine Gu would require a spine and harm the contractor’s roots.

Source-type items were so precious that they rarely circulated even in Star Web’s Treasure Pavilion. This was because even if any source-type items were not applicable, most experts with source-type items would choose to keep them and not sell them easily.

Besides going into the dimensional rifts to obtain the source-type items, they could only be obtained by exchanging with the Radiance Federation’s merits.

Most of the transactions between individuals for source-type items were through bartering—exchanging it with another source-type item.

It was difficult to go into a dimensional rift and obtain the source-type items.

When the pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift opened, although only three Class 3 alien insects had descended because of the rift’s energy, there were many Class 3 alien insects in a pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift. The sea of insects inside would keep pouring out of the rift, mostly because they had been squeezed out by the other alien insects inside.

One could imagine how perilous it was inside such a dimensional rift.

Only a Suzerain/Legend I fey like the Mother of Bloodbath could easily obtain a source-type item from a

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