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In fact, the Radiance Federation’s avian feys were pretty expensive, especially those rare ones that could transport people. That was because avian feys were not only a means of transportation, but they were also regarded as a kind of luxury item to show one’s status in the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan was walking on Redbud City’s streets and looking at the thriving city at noon. Unexpectedly, he discovered that he shared a special connection with Redbud City, as his state of mind would be different whenever he came to this city.

The first time he had come to Redbud City was when he had hurriedly brought her Bronze Sharp Iron Horn Bull to Chu Ci. At that time, Lin Yuan had just regained his ability to sense spirit qi and discovered his ability as a Creation Master.

He had an infinite vision of his future because, in his opinion, he had started to erect his life goals again at that time.

The second time was when he had passed the Creation Master’s test, becoming a Class 2 Creation Master. At that point, Lin Yuan had confidence that he was on the right path.

And now, he had come to Redbud City for the third time.

After experiencing a life-and-death battle, he had a clear view of this world. Lin Yuan had long been firm about the path he wanted to take in the future.

Then, he suddenly heard a hawking voice. “Cornbread, 1 Federation dollar for four!”

Lin Yuan could not help but reveal a cheerful smile. Every time he came here, he would always see this stall selling cornbread. It was really fate.

He walked up and spent 1 Federation dollar on buying four loaves of cornbreads. Then, he bit on one of them.

After eating high-grade spiritual ingredients for so many months in the Radiant Moon Palace, Lin Yuan realized that he had become much pickier than before. He found it hard to eat the cornbread that he found delicious a few months ago.

It was a bittersweet memory, but Lin Yuan felt that it should be a sweet memory when he swallowed this chunk of cornbread. In his opinion, his former strong self was a sweet memory.

Lin Yuan had cleansed away all the impurities in his body thanks to the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar and allowed himself to be perfectly optimized toward his own genetic model. After that, his excellent temperament had become extraordinary.

His cheerful youthful aura gave off a kind of indescribable carefreeness and attracted many people’s attention along the way.

Lin Yuan had been a precious pearl that was shimmering slightly before. He had gone down his memory lane and had long been an unparalleled handsome young man.

Before Lin Yuan went to the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy, where Chu Ci was, he made a special trip to the store to buy some fruits. Among these fresh fruits were also some unique to Ascending Dragon City and Millstone Town that could not be bought in Redbud City.

Lin Yuan was going to give these fruits to Teacher Bao. He would always remember

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