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Lin Yuan was more compatible with healing-type feys, support-type feys, and plant-type feys.

As healing support, he had nurtured the source-type fey, Red Thorn, into a combat-class fey with output.

Based on Red Thorn’s evolution into its current state, it was evident how Lin Yuan was obsessed with output.

However, Lin Yuan did not expect his younger sister Chu Ci to be the same as him. As a defense-type spirit qi professional, she manipulated a big iron bull and was immersed in output.

Indeed, family members did have a similar way of thinking.

It would take Lin Yuan over five days to evolve the Bronze Sharp Iron Horn Bull to Legend.

In the past five days or so, Lin Yuan alone was enough to evolve the Sharp Iron Horn Bull in the breeding room. At that moment, the bell rang.

When Creation Masters were usually nurturing feys in the breeding room, nobody would disturb them.

Lin Yuan knew Elder Ning had come. When he came to visit Chu Ci, he only wanted to send her the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar and the Vajra Butterfly he had nurtured for her to form a contract with. However, he did not expect that Chu Ci would comprehend a Willpower Rune.

The Sharp Iron Horn Bull would need some spiritual ingredients to evolve into Legend. Lin Yuan had not prepared the spiritual ingredients beforehand, as it had been beyond his expectations.

Therefore, when he met Elder Ning earlier, Lin Yuan had asked him to see if any spiritual ingredients in the Creation Master Association’s material room could evolve the Sharp Iron Horn Bull.

Lin Yuan opened the door and saw Elder Ning standing there with Ning Xuejun, who had taken part in the Creation Master’s test in the Creation Master Association. Ning Xuejun was Elder Ning’s granddaughter.

At that moment, she was holding a Bronze fey storage box.

When Ning Xuejun saw Lin Yuan, she nodded and greeted him, while a hint of surprise appeared in her eyes.

Lin Yuan had left a deep impression on her as few people like him had scored perfect marks in all three knowledge spirit qi occupations’ Rank 1 exam.

Seeing Lin Yuan again, Ning Xuejun was surprised that, as compared to before, his temperament seemed to have changed a lot.

Elder Ning looked at Lin Yuan and said with a laugh, “Little Yuan, I’ve prepared all the spiritual ingredients you’ve asked for.”

Lin Yuan was now finally relieved. At the very least, he did not have to waste time collecting the spiritual ingredients needed to evolve the Sharp Iron Horn Bull into Legend. He touched the back of his head and smiled cheerfully. “Elder Ning, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

The Bronze Sharp Iron Horn Bull needed a huge amount of ferromanganese ores and metal essences to evolve to Legend. These two were not very rare spiritual ingredients.

The metal essences were the crystals left behind after a mixture of many metals was forged at a high temperature, while the ferromanganese ores were dark-blue sh

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