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Lin Yuan had always been frustrated about upgrading Red Thorn’s quality, but he did not expect this insect tide to solve his problem.

Now that Red Thorn had reached Epic, it could only devour dimensional lifeforms’ flesh and work hard to accumulate if it were to reach Legend.

Although time passed without a trace, time could solve many problems.

Xin Ying suddenly said to Lin Yuan softly, “The Ascending Dragon City’s Ascending Dragon Guards have taken charge of the situation and will be responsible for the Millstone Town people. Let’s leave now. Otherwise, when Ascending Dragon City’s reporters arrive here and find us for an interview, we won’t be able to leave within a day or two.” She suddenly paused and did not continue, as she knew that it was a slip of her tongue.

If a person who had resisted against the pinnacle Class 1 insect tide alone and protected a small town were to accept the Star Web’s interview, they would undoubtedly become famous and gain widespread attention.

Xin Ying never cared about this because in such a situation, even though guarding Millstone Town was an unwise choice—it was a splendid choice.

In her opinion, if one wanted to be famous, they had to improve their strength and fight it out in the S Tournament.

Even though Xin Ying, who knew the world’s ways, had long recognized Lin Yuan as her friend, she felt awkward because she had unintentionally helped Lin Yuan grab the attention.

Zhang Xiaobai did not think like this. He put his arms around Lin Yuan’s shoulders and said, “Hahaha! We should just go quickly! Otherwise, we won’t be able to leave a while later!”

Xin Ying wanted to pull Zhang Xiaobai, but Lin Yuan said softly, “The Endless Forest is up ahead. Let’s hit the road! Wasn’t our original plan to set out early in the morning to collect the Jade Unicorn Ice Snake venom?”

Lin Yuan’s words were faint yet contained an indescribable refreshment and straightforwardness. He had never been a person who cared about fame and fortune.

On the contrary, after living two lives, Lin Yuan looked at everything dialectically and focused on things he truly cared about.

In a world where strength was highly respected—although fame and fortune could not be equated with strength—having strength was akin to having fame and fortune.

If strength were to be compared to flowers, while fame and fortune as butterflies, then the butterflies would naturally come when the flowers bloomed.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence was Lin Yuan’s next best choice. A real man’s choice was to speak with strength.

Lin Yuan looked at the blazing sun that arrived with the dawn. The warm light emanating from the blazing sun seemed to be more conspicuous than it had been at noon.

At that moment, there was a subtle spiritual fluctuation on Lin Yuan’s body that not even Zhang Xiaobai, who had his hands on Lin Yuan’s shoulder, felt.

The Mother of Bloodbath lying in the leaf-shaped fey storage box moved

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