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When Lin Yuan turned around, he found the person calling him was Ling Wu, who had brought him to meet Ling Xiao in Redbud City.

Ling Wu quickly took two steps forward and said, “Lord Lin Yuan, are you here to eat at the Spirit Food Pavilion?”

Lin Yuan nodded and did not have the strength to criticize how Ling Wu addressed him. He smiled and looked at Chu Ci before answering, “I’m here to have a meal with my sister.”

Ling Wu looked at Chu Ci and could not help but feel his heart thumping. As Ling Xiao’s subordinate officer, even though Ling Wu did not know why Ling Xiao had brought Lin Yuan to the Royal Capital, based on Ling Xiao’s attitude toward Lin Yuan, he knew that Lin Yuan had an extraordinary background.

Thus, he hurriedly said, “Lord Lin Yuan, your sister is a Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy student? At noon, the principal will also be present in the private room on the Spirit Food Pavilion’s third floor. Why don’t both of you go there?”

Lin Yuan shook his head. “I’ll just have a good meal with my sister, so I won’t be going.”

Upon hearing that, Ling Wu nodded and did not speak further. He took his leave and went into the Spirit Food Pavilion.

Chu Ci looked at Lin Yuan and said, “Lord Lin Yuan?”

Lin Yuan looked at her and replied, “Lordess Chu Ci, please speak your mind.”

Chu Ci was a little shocked. Based on Ling Wu’s words, although she knew that Lin Yuan was very formidable, she did not expect him to be doing so well.

Nonetheless, she was not too surprised. When she had seen Lin Yuan talking to Elder Ning in the Creation Master Association, she had already been surprised.

Even if Ling Wu was City Lordess Ling Xiao’s subordinate officer, he was incomparable to Elder Ning, the Creation Master Association’s Vice President.

Lin Yuan had rejected Ling Wu because, in his opinion, Chu Ci just needed to rely on her own talent and strength.

Earning respect with strength would earn one dignity.

It was just like when Cheng Rui was conferred as the top Creation Master of the younger generation and named as ‘Tribunal Sun’ when he was at Class 2.

Perhaps, those who were not within the Creation Masters’ circle would feel envious. Still, based on Long Tao’s attitude toward Cheng Rui, Lin Yuan knew that Cheng Rui, who had earned the title of being a genius by fame alone and not strength, was nothing more than a clown in the eyes of the true geniuses.

After all, in a world where martial arts were respected, strength was the foundation of everything.

Lin Yuan hoped that Chu Ci could later embark on a path full of splendor.

Everyone had free will, but in the end, the only answer was the righteous way of life.

When they entered the Spirit Food Pavilion, they saw the decorations inside had ancient elegance. Deep mellow zither music played, just like Rain Pattering on the BananaLeaves1. The zither sound was tranquil and gave people a comfortable feeling of shunning the world.

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