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Under the approaching early morning’s sky, the chill of the late autumn crept up and constantly produced water vapor in the air, forming vague, cold fog.

When everyone looked at this sea of flowers colliding with the endless insect tide and killing them to its heart’s content, they felt a tightness in their throats.

However, the Millstone Town people suddenly felt ease in their tense feelings.

At the very least, the sea of flowers was now in a stalemate with the insect tide, giving all of them the chance to breathe at last.

When the Extreme Guild Club’s quartet looked at Red Thorn’s ortet beside Lin Yuan and then at him, they could not help but feel that he was simply a person full of surprises.

At every critical moment—be it the previous scouting, his fey having the ability to restore spiritual power, or the fact that he could keep up healing the front line—Lin Yuan could always come forward.

And now, when everyone was nearly unable to hold on anymore, he summoned a strange plant lifeform and controlled the insect tide’s pace.

Xin Ying detected Red Thorn’s ortet beside Lin Yuan’s hand. She could sense that this two-meter-tall, strange plant that she had never heard of was not very powerful. Its battle prowess was merely at Bronze.

However, this plant lifeform’s ability was simply too powerful. It seemed as if it was born to suppress this insect tide.

Xin Ying had taken part in the S Tournament before, so she had more thoughts on this. When she looked at the Normal child ramets in the sea of flowers and the Elite ramets beside the ortet, she deeply felt that Lin Yuan’s plant lifeform was terrifying.

If its grade reached Diamond, then what kind of killing power would the Platinum ramets and countless Gold child ramets possess?

If this was the case, wouldn’t it alone be able to suppress a Class 3 insect tide?


Lin Yuan did not know what Xin Ying was thinking, or else, he would have smiled bitterly.

It was difficult on him now, as his spiritual power was being consumed while the Red Thorn was constantly releasing spores from the Mouth of Relinquish’s topmost flesh-like petals.

Before Lin Yuan could not bear with it, he quietly activated the Spirit Qi Imprint on his back.

The Spirit Qi Imprint’s spiritual power was continuously supporting Red Thorn’s constant release of spores, allowing the sea of flowers to become more magnificent. It was all thanks to Blackie’s exclusive skill. Otherwise, even if Red Thorn had such a capability, Lin Yuan’s body’s spiritual power could not last.

Another point was that the Red Thorn’s spores needed to grow into child ramets. If the child ramets wanted to grow, they would need an enormous amount of flesh energy. Thanks to everyone killing these alien insects, Red Thorn’s released spores could quickly form into a sea of flowers.

However, Xin Ying was right. If Red Thorn was truly at Diamond, and with the premise of a large number of insect corps

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