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After another half an hour of stalemate, a green luminescent insect suddenly appeared at the sea of flowers’ edge. This huge alien insect was the second Class 3 alien insect, the Acid Tapeworm.

When everyone saw the Acid Tapeworm appear, they were relieved but had grave expressions.

While killing the Class 1 and Class 2 alien insects, the combat-class spirit qi professionals with Gold feys needed to focus and carefully observe their surroundings. This was because they did not know in which insect’s body the hidden killer, Class 3 Heart-Penetrating Ironline, was. It might launch a sudden attack at any time.

Since the Acid Tapeworm appeared, only the Class 3 Heart-Penetrating Ironline was left.

Everyone retreated to their defensive positions, prepared to deal with the Acid Tapeworm in unison.

The Acid Tapeworm’s defensive power was not strong, not even comparable to a Class 1 insect. Nonetheless, it was terrifying due to the green acidic corrosive liquid in its body that would even corrode sand and soil when spewed out.

Even if a Gold fey got into contact with a little of this acid, a huge chunk of its flesh would be corroded. If it was covered in more acid, its roots would be damaged.

Just as Xin Ying, Zhang Xiaobai, Tan Ran, the Millstone Town’s Guild Alliance branch president, and a middle-aged foreign man were prepared to attack the Acid Tapeworm, Red Thorn suddenly became excited.

Lin Yuan soon understood why he sensed Red Thorn’s sudden excitement and intense emotion waves. Red Thorn had probably spotted its favorite delicacy.

The leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box that the Moon Empress had given Lin Yuan contained a huge amount of dimensional lifeform flesh.

After devouring the flesh of different kinds of dimensional lifeforms, Red Thorn slowly became picky.

Based on Lin Yuan’s observation, Red Thorn preferred eating the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh that contained a lot of acid in their blood. Naturally, alien insect flesh contained the strongest acidity.

The carcass of an Acid Tapeworm was in the Diamond leaf-shaped fey storage box all along, and Red Thorn had been drooling over its Class 3 flesh. However, Lin Yuan had not allowed Red Thorn to eat it.

This was because Red Thorn had been at Elite previously. If it ate this Class 3 Acid Tapeworm, it would likely be unable to digest it and would instead be injured by the Acid Tapeworm’s strong acidity.

Now that Red Thorn had seen the Acid Tapeworm, its vine wrapped around Lin Yuan’s wrist shook. It was like a puppy wagging its tail pitifully to plead its master when it saw something delicious.

Lin Yuan nodded as he looked at the Acid Tapeworm at the edge of the sea of flowers.

When Red Thorn had been at Elite, Lin Yuan would at most feed it the flesh of Silver dimensional lifeforms. Now that it had reached Bronze, it should be fine for it to eat some Gold dimensional lifeforms’ flesh.

Red Thorn’s roots, which had been roote

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