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Chapter 131: Cracked Sky

As Lin Yuan watched the members’ interactions, he noticed that the team had a genuinely great relationship. Along the way, Lin Yuan still remembered how Lu Pingru secretly told him, “Xin Ying and Zhang Xiaobai are actually a couple.”

Lin Yuan was truly shocked. There was no way to see any love as it was nothing but torture and oppression. The relationship between Xin Ying and Zhang Xiaobai was simply Xin Ying torturing Zhang Xiaobai.

The meal was quickly served, and Lin Yuan simply took off his mask. After all, there wasn’t a way to eat a meal without removing the mask. When Lin Yuan removed the mask, Genius quickly canceled its Tool Transformation state and turned back into a two-tailed, white kitty.

Genius snuggled in Lin Yuan’s embrace and let out two meows before saying in a soft voice, “Yuan, I wish to eat together with you.”

Genius’ soft voice was obviously rather whiny. When Lin Yuan heard that whiny voice, he knew that Genius was throwing a small tantrum.

Ever since Lin Yuan had enhanced Chimey, Genius, Blackie, and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly to Legend quality during these two months, he had been enhancing the Jasmine Lily, evolving the Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily from Bronze X to Silver.

But these two months had really been so busy that Lin Yuan’s sleeping time had to be created forcefully. Genius was able to see how hard-working Lin Yuan had been for this period of time, so it hadn’t been pestering Lin Yuan and simply accompanied him quietly.

When Lin Yuan was enhancing a fey, Genius would side by Lin Yuan’s side while quietly wagging its two small tails.

As compared to how Lin Yuan would spare time to play with Genius every day, this period of time had truly been a suffering one for Genius.

Just as Lin Yuan was going to get a bowl and take some food or Genius, it quickly used its small paw to push on Lin Yuan’s face before it continued to speak in a soft voice. “No, Genius wants Yuan to feed me personally. Otherwise, I won’t eat.”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help smiling as each time Genius threw a tantrum, he couldn’t do anything but raise his hands to surrender.

When Lin Yuan used his chopsticks to pick a piece of braised meat for Genius, he looked up and saw that the Extreme Guild Club’s four members were looking at him.

In fact, when Lin Yuan took down his mask, his four teammates were already consciously looking at him.

At the Guild Alliance, the Extreme Guild Club’s four members didn’t think much when Lin Yuan was wearing a mask. Now that they were out as teammates, they were naturally curious about the face behind Lin Yuan’s mask.

The moment Lin Yuan removed his mask, it gave the four teammates an impression that Lin Yuan was a sunshine and neat youth. However, when Lin Yuan smiled at Genius, the four teammates felt it was truly breathtaking.

When Lin Yuan saw his four teammates looking at him with dumbfounded faces, he suddenly laughed. “Do yo

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