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When Lin Yuan saw this strange energy rift, his brain felt as if it was going to explode. He had seen this strange energy rift back in the Xia Region.

Wasn’t it a dimensional rift?

Alien insects frantically rushed out of this opened dimensional rift, and all sorts of alien insects fell from the sky before falling into pieces.


But as layer after layer of alien insect corpses laid down and formed a thick layer of insect corpses, there were no casualties among the newly fallen alien insects when they fell on them.

Soon, a sea of alien insects suddenly gathered secretly in the night under the dimensional rift.

All sorts of alien insects cried in unison, creating an ear-piercing and disordered sound of insects. Then, these alien insects gorged their sacrificed companions’ flesh below them and seemed to be waiting for something.

The dimensional rift had suddenly opened widely at the Endless Forest border, and the sea of insects had gathered only two or three meters away from Millstone Town.

This was almost akin to the dimensional rift opening at the gates of Millstone Town.

This dimensional rift that had suddenly opened in the night sky revealed its hideous claws and teeth, just like a devil choosing people to devour.

Millstone Town, which was directly connected to this sudden change, started to panic.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaobai dashed at his side. He was holding 30 kidney skewers, which could not be held in one hand, so he held 15 in each hand.

Zhang Xiaobai might be experienced eating Millstone Town’s kidney skewers. Those 30 kidney skewers could satisfy his appetite.

He ran to Lin Yuan with a very grave expression, glanced at the kidney skewers in his hands, and threw them on the ground. “Lin Yuan, we’ll gather at the earlier location. With such a big change of events, they should have rushed over immediately.”

Zhang Xiaobai rarely looked so grave. He looked at Lin Yuan and wanted to say something, but did not in the end. Instead, he only reached out to pat Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

Lin Yuan and Zhang Xiaobai ran toward the location previously agreed with Xin Ying, Lu Pinru, and Tan Ran.

After arriving at the location, Lin Yuan found Xin Ying and Lu Pinru standing there with ugly and anxious expressions.

When Xin Ying saw Lin Yuan and Zhang Xiaobai, she shouted, “Based on the disorderly insect sounds, this opened dimensional rift must be linked to the dimension with alien insects. However, I don’t know if it’s a Class 1 Insect Dimensional Rift or a Pinnacle Class 1 Insect Dimensional Rift.”

Lin Yuan had also done a lot of research on this aspect. If the alien insect dimensional rift reached Class 2, the sounds of the alien insects alone could cause dizziness and blurred vision to people under such proximity.

Therefore, this opened alien insect dimensional rift could only be Class 1. However, there was a vast difference between an ordinary Class 1 alien insect dimensional r

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