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It was unknown whether Zhang Xiaobai’s mind was truly creative, or he was purposely trying to make everyone light-hearted. In any case, everyone under the Millstone Town’s city walls had their tension relieved. Apart from Xin Ying, the rest of the people were laughing heartily. However, Xin Ying could only feel that her fist was getting itchy again.

At that moment, there was a sudden change of events.

Zhang Xiaobai originally commanded his Silver Gale Mussel to shoot out its basic ability, Forceful Wind Blade, to kill a Class 1 alien insect that was destroying things within the sea of flowers.

When the Forceful Wind Blade cleaved the Class 1 alien insect, it should have split the alien insect into two. However, the Forceful Wind Blade felt as though it had slashed on a metal plate, and there was a clear metallic clash.

At that moment, a two-meter long black iron line suddenly shot out of the Class 1 alien insect’s body and rushed straight for Zhang Xiaobai’s heart.

Zhang Xiaobai wasn’t considered far from the Class 1 alien insect and was less than 15 meters away. The Heart-Penetrating Ironline took just a blink of the eye to cover the distance.

Back when Lin Yuan heard the ‘clang’ sound, he knew that it wasn’t good. He consciously commanded Red Thorn to grow a huge quantity of Elite ramets in front of Zhang Xiaobai.

Unfortunately, the produced Elite ramets were immediately penetrated by the Heart-Penetrating Ironline and couldn’t stop its straight-line thrust.

Within a distance of 15 meters, Red Thorn had produced six Elite ramets. Each of the Elite ramets had a bowl-sized hole in their corrosive cavity, and it was an injury made by the Heart-Penetrating Ironline.

However, when the Heart-Penetrating Ironline paused for a moment due to Lin Yuan’s defense, Zhang Xiaobai was able to react. Xin Ying had also reacted by pouncing over.

Due to shock and anger, Xin Ying used nearly all of her strength to pounce over and released all the power with her claws. The sharp claws instantly cleaved on the Heart-Penetrating Ironline, and there was a metallic clash.

It was fortunate that Xin Ying’s all-out attack was able to shift the Heart-Penetrating Ironline’s attack trajectory. It was originally targeting Zhang Xiaobai’s heart, but its direction had slightly changed now. Surprisingly, the Heart-Penetrating Ironline forcefully twisted its body to change direction and still pierced toward Zhang Xiaobai.

But when Zhang Xiaobai dodged, the Heart-Penetrating Ironline didn’t manage to accurately pierce through Zhang Xiaobai’s heart. Instead, it pierced through Zhang Xiaobai’s shoulder bone.

When the Heart-Penetrating Ironline pierced through the shoulder bone, it twisted gently, and its ironline body gathered together. This brief contact had caused Zhang Xiaobai’s entire arm to drop onto the ground.

“Zhang Xiaobai!”

“Big Brother Xiaobai! Your arm!”

“Zhang Xiaobai!!”

This sudden change of events s

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