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Zhang Xiaobai originally wanted to tease Xin Ying and stop her crying, but he didn’t expect Xin Ying to actually cry even more intensively.

Zhang Xiaobai was shocked and immediately said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t cry. I don’t need you to take care of me! Look at how afraid you are!”

Xin Ying stood up and disregarded everything to rush over and hug Zhang Xiaobai. Xin Ying’s actions gave Zhang Xiaobai so much pain that he was grimacing.

All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaobai heard Xin Ying saying softly, “I will take care of you for life! In fact, my Star Web Card’s password has been your birthday since a long time ago!”

The pain had already numbed Zhang Xiaobai, and when accompanied by the loss of blood, he couldn’t continue standing anymore. Had it not been for Xin Ying supporting him, he would have collapsed on the ground.

But after hearing Xin Ying’s gentle voice, Zhang Xiaobai’s originally pale face had a little color of blood. He felt as though his arm wasn’t in as much pain anymore.

The Millstone Town’s Guild Alliance branch president stood by the side and didn’t know what he should say. A young elite from the S tournament reserve team of a B-level guild club was going to be crippled for the rest of his life just because he protected Millstone Town from the dimensional rift that had suddenly opened.

Plenty of spirit qi professionals who had fought alongside Zhang Xiaobai had red eyes too. Everyone started killing alien insects at a speed that was more than two times the original, pouring all of their respect and worry into the insect tide.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath and stopped supplying spiritual power to Red Thorn. The flesh-like flower above Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish stopped releasing new spores.

Lin Yuan looked at the thriving sea of flowers. It was already enough to repel the alien insects. A huge quantity of child ramets had consumed the alien insect flesh and had already evolved into Elite ramets.

Given the massive numbers of Elite ramets, there wasn’t a need for more spores to enlarge the size of the sea of flowers as this insect tide had already lost all of its Class 3 alien insects.

Lin Yuan could feel that his Spirit Qi Imprint was already reaching the bottom, and he took another glance at the people that were in battle. He then looked at Zhang Xiaobai and his severed arm.

Without any hesitation, Lin Yuan took a deep breath and activated Jasmine Lily’s exclusive skill, which he had never activated before, Recovery Imprint. All of a sudden, the totem pattern of a Jasmine Lily appeared on Lin Yuan’s forehead once he activated Recovery Imprint.

The Jasmine Lily totem was radiating bright light on Lin Yuan’s forehead. The massive healing energy from the Recovery Imprint was channeled into the Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily. All of a sudden, the Jasmine Lily burst out with a flourishing light of recovery.

Lin Yuan used up all of his remaining spirit qi within the Spirit Qi Imprint. The t

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