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The Mother of Bloodbath’s voice suddenly rang in Lin Yuan’s ears, causing him to feel more at ease. “Kid, as your Path Protector, I’ll only care about your life and not anything other than that. However, you’re considered courageous for wanting to fight against the insect tide under the dimensional rift.”

The Mother of Bloodbath suddenly became silent for two seconds before a strange female voice sounded again. “However, this Pinnacle Class 1 Dimensional Rift is no joke to you right now. If you can get through it and defend against the insect tide, I’ll give you the source-type item from this dimensional rift as a reward.”

When Lin Yuan heard the Mother of Bloodbath’s words, he frowned.

Although Lin Yuan knew that this alien insect dimensional rift was Class 1, he was unsure whether it was just an ordinary or a pinnacle Class 1.

Now that the Mother of Bloodbath had said that it was a pinnacle Class 1 dimensional rift, the grade of this dimensional rift could be determined.

Lin Yuan’s heart tightened.

A Class 3 alien insect would appear from a pinnacle Class 1 dimensional rift as the swarm leader.

The combat power of a Class 3 alien insect was comparable to that of a Gold fey, which also meant that the insect tide in Millstone Town would have at least one Class 3 alien insect with a combat power comparable to a Gold fey.

This was utterly bad news for the five-member team and Millstone Town.

The alien insect dimensional rift was known as the most dangerous dimensional rift due to the countless alien insects gushing out of it, just like a raging tide.

The sea of insects would turn any place barren wherever they went.

In a battle, they could kill spirit qi professionals and feys alive.


However, the pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift was not just simply a sea of insects for Millstone Town.

This was because a pinnacle Class 1 dimensional rift’s Class 3 alien insect was akin to the power of a sharp knife for Millstone Town.

Lin Yuan asked the Mother of Bloodbath softly, “Mother of Bloodbath, if we can’t stop this insect tide, can you step in to defend Millstone Town?”

Mother of Bloodbath’s voice sounded again. “I’m an arachnid fey, not a human like you guys. I am only your Path Protector and will only save you before you get buried in the sea of insects.”

Then, the Mother of Bloodbath stopped talking.

Lin Yuan’s question was buried by the autumn wind that whistled past his cheeks as he ran in the cool night.

He now did not even think about the so-called source-type lifeform reward. Instead, he clenched his fists and measured his power.

This battle would be the touchstone after the Jasmine Lily had evolved into a Fantasy Breed.

The alien insects that spewed out of the pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift were mainly low-grade alien insects comparable to Normal feys or lower than that.

Such alien insects accounted for more than 80% of the inse

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