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Once Chimey flew in front of Lin Yuan, he immediately communicated with Chimey. After a short communication and feeling what Chimey had seen, Lin Yuan’s face behind the mask looked terrifyingly gloomy.

Lin Yuan already knew that this alien insect dimensional rift was a pinnacle Class 1 one, through the Mother of Bloodbath. However, by seeing the scene through Chimey, Lin Yuan could feel the endless numbers of alien insects gathering under the dimensional rift. There were all sorts and types of alien insects packed up together, and it looked like they were piling on top of each other.

Had Chimey not experienced Cheng Wu and Cheng Rui’s assault and gone through life and death, it would have been overwhelmed when it saw so many alien insects.

Of course, the massive numbers of this insect tide wasn’t the reason why Lin Yuan had a gloomy expression. The most important reason was that Chimey had seen three Class 3 alien insects.

Class 3 alien insect, Acid Tapeworm.

Class 3 alien insect, Spiky Beetle.

There was another one, but it was a Class 3 alien insect that was halfway out of the dimensional rift.

The Acid Tapeworm looked just like a green neon lamp under the night sky and was abnormally eye-catching. The Acid Tapeworm’s skin was just like a translucent and durable membrane, and it was filled with green glowing acid that was extremely corrosive. When it spat out the corrosive acid, the flesh would be instantly carbonized once it made contact with flesh.

The Class 3 alien insect, Spiky Beetle, was just like an iron tortoise with horrifyingly thick armor. The massive body possessed power that could raise things that were several times heavier than its body. When the Spiky Beetle smashed with its spiked armor, it would be able to penetrate city walls.

Of course, there were individuals here who had Gold feys that could battle with Class 3 alien insects, so Lin Yuan wasn’t really worried about these two Class 3 alien insects. The most important Class 3 alien insect was one that Chimey saw when it was still emerging from the dimensional rift. It was a slender black line.

The black line was the reason why Lin Yuan frowned. This third Class 3 alien insect that only revealed half its body was an invisible killer, the Heart-Penetrating Ironline.

Under normal circumstances, the Heart-Penetrating Ironline wouldn’t reveal its original body and would be hiding within the bodies of other alien insects. From an alien insect that didn’t have any grade or a Class 3 alien insect, any of the alien insects could be the host for the Heart-Penetrating Ironline.

The Heart-Penetrating Ironline would control the host’s movement, and it would grab the opportunity to suddenly emerge. It would use its slender iron-line-like body to penetrate the heart of its target. It was considered an invisible assassin on the battlefield.

With the Class 3 Heart-Penetrating Ironline around, each spirit qi professional would need to be 120

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