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The Millstone Town people felt the joy brought by surviving the calamity and this hearty victory.

The insect tide that was constantly pouring into the sea of flowers was no longer a threat to the town.

Given the sea of flowers’ numerous Elite ramets, the alien insects served to act as flower fertilizer and nutrition to them.

In addition, the Millstone Town people were now in their best condition thanks to Lin Yuan’s Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily.

Even if those Class 1 and Class 2 alien insects struggled in the sea of flowers, they were soon killed in an orderly manner.

Just as they had stabilized the insect tide, a little red spider lying on the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box on Lin Yuan’s chest jumped, as though it was one with the fey storage box. It jumped into the pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift.

When the Mother of Bloodbath leaped toward the pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift, it looked at Lin Yuan and sent a voice transmission. “Not bad, kid. You’re worthy of being the Moon Empress’s disciple. Since you held off the insect tide, I’m going to get you the source-type item in this dimensional rift as my reward to you.”

The Mother of Bloodbath had actually previously made preparations to save Lin Yuan in the sea of insects when it devoured all the people.

After all, in the Mother of Bloodbath’s opinion, the insect tide from such a pinnacle Class 1 alien insect dimensional rift was simply not something that these thousand or so uncoordinated people could resist against.

As Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath wanted to let him understand through this matter that, no matter what, he should not easily get himself involved in such perilous situations.

This was also the way of its survival, engraved in its bones as a fey. Feys lived in nature and faced all kinds of threats all the time at a young age. They might lose their lives if they were not careful.


Life was the root of everything. Without one’s life, how could they bother about anything else?

How would Lin Yuan not know the principle of ‘A wise man foresees danger and hides himself’?

But sometimes, some beliefs must be adhered to.

Moreover, Lin Yuan knew that he still had a Path Protector like the Mother of Bloodbath as his trump card. In fact, the Mother of Bloodbath’s prediction had not been wrong, but it had not taken a variable like Lin Yuan into consideration. Lin Yuan had taught the Mother of Bloodbath, a Suzerain/Myth I fey, a lesson.

The Mother of Bloodbath had seen that Lin Yuan’s Red Thorn was a Bronze lifeform grown from a Source Seed, while that healing-type fey that had healed everyone was a Silver/Fantasy Breed fey.

However, the Mother of Bloodbath did not attribute the success of everything to Lin Yuan. It speculated that it was a trump card that the Moon Empress had given to her disciple.

It had never thought that even the Moon Empress was unclear of Lin Yuan’s

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