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Chapter 138: Cat Transformation

Under the night, the surging insect tide brought up a fishy smell, a smell that only belonged to the alien insects.

The wind brought by the insect tide spread this smell to the people in Millstone Town.

Zhang Xiaobai could not help but say, “Wow, this is so smelly! Thank goodness I didn’t eat the skewers earlier, or I would have thrown up now.”

As he said that, he instructed his two feys. One of his fey was a mediocre defense-type fey, the Gale Mussel. It could provide other feys with a Gale Shield and had a solid physical defense. Due to its speed, the gale could cause powerful cuts through the wind blades.

His other fey was a bit peculiar. It was a fey the height of a human, which was reasonably common, but it was an uncommon Bloody Leech. How much blood did this Gold Bloody Leech usually need to absorb to be full?

Zhang Xiaobai constantly instructed the Gale Mussel to provide a Gale Shield to this Gold Bloody Leech. Then, he gave this Bloody Leech the five layers of the Firm Armor Silk Clothing from Pinru’s closet.

“I will be at the front line later. My fey has a strong attraction to the alien insects. My Gale Shield will cut the alien insects to death. Little mussel, don’t slack on the shields later, or I won’t feed you salt. I’ll let you become a freshwater mussel.”

Zhang Xiaobai had returned to his former improper self, but his words were very reliable.

Upon seeing the change in him, Xin Ying felt she had nowhere to place her fists.

At that moment, Lin Yuan and the quartet had taken over issuing commands.

The Gold fey Xin Ying had summoned was just a big, pure golden cat with a metallic luster that was slender and elegant. The big cat was more than a meter long with very sharp claws.

Xin Ying yelled, “Cat Transformation.”

Golden flames ignited on this big golden cat, and it quickly pounced toward Xin Ying before fusing into her body like a shadow.

Then, Xin Ying’s entire aura changed.

The black pupils in her red phoenix eyes[1] turned into golden slit pupils. These slit pupils solely belonged to cat-species feys and were the same as the big golden cat’s. Sharp claws emerged from Xin Ying’s hands as golden soft cat fur grew on her. Two golden cat ears also grew on her head.

Lin Yuan sighed when he saw Xin Ying’s transformation.

It was true that someone in the reserve team for the S Tournament would have an outstanding fey.

The exclusive skill that Xin Ying’s fey had awakened at Bronze was actually the rare Transformation Possession skill. This exclusive skill was like Tool Transformation, as it rarely appeared.

However, Transformation Possession and Tool Transformation were different. There was no weak Transformation Possession, unlike the latter, which was reliant on luck.

If one was lucky, a bike would turn into a motorbike. Otherwise, even a pair of skateboarding shoes would become open-toed.

With a fey that had Transform

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