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Lin Yuan knew that it was inevitable for people to get injured and sacrificed in the battle to defend Millstone Town and fight against the insect tide. However, he could only allocate the other healing-type spirit qi professionals to the rear while he healed the front line.

As such, he could ensure the survival of those healing-type spirit qi professionals that could not defend themselves—only by ensuring their survival could the people receive more healing.

Given his capabilities, Lin Yuan was confident that he could do a good job healing the front line. Actually, this was because his Jasmine Lily was a Fantasy Breed. Otherwise, he would not dare to be so bold.

Even if there would be sacrifices in the battle, Lin Yuan would also do his best to maintain the sacrifices at the minimum within his ability.

The insect tide was a breath away, and all the feys had taken their positions, ready to meet their enemies.

Lin Yuan finally got to know why even though Tan Ran loved cute feline feys, Zhang Xiaobai had said that the former was not fated with cute feys in this lifetime.

Two of Tan Ran’s five-meter-long and three-meter-tall huge feys stood there. One was a Gold Lava Hippopotamus, while the other was a Silver Gluttony Hippopotamus.

When Lin Yuan looked at Tan Ran, who had natural curls, a cute face, and smooth skin, a guess arose in his heart.

Is Tan Ran’s affinity for feys more inclined toward hippopotamus feys?

This was simply a discrepancy in cuteness!

When Zhang Xiaobai saw that the insect tide had rushed to less than 100 meters before him and would reach him in a few seconds, he and his Bloody Leech immediately stood in the very front.

Accompanied by a flash of sword light, Zhang Xiaobai cut his wrist, causing fresh blood to drop on the Bloody Leech right away. He then yelled, “Little Red, use Oily Plasma.”

The Bloody Leech’s body quickly secreted a layer of lustrous dark-red plasma, which was as sticky as oil.

Oily Plasma was actually an ability to defend against damage caused by sharp weapons and heavy blows.

Before the sharp weapons could cut the Bloody Leech, the Oily Plasma would slide away the sharp blades. And when there was a heavy blow, this layer of Oily Plasma could also serve as a cushioning role.

It was just that he now used this Oily Plasma as a tool to attract the alien insects.

The actual world was no game. Defense-type spirit qi professionals did not have taunting abilities, which only existed in games. Nonetheless, the Oily Plasma ability was just like a taunting ability to the alien insects.

The Oily Plasma emitted a thick stench of blood with a mixture of oil and blood that stimulated the alien insects nearby when diffused into the night sky.

The alien insects that smelled this stench of oil and blood rapidly rushed toward the Bloody Leech right away.

Zhang Xiaobai had taken advantage of the alien insects’ weakness. When the bloody smell attracted t

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