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Chapter 130: I’ve Been Superior Since a Young Age

The most fearful thing about adventuring in the wild was encountering perilous situations. The combat-class spirit qi professionals’ feys might damage their roots, something that healing-type spirit qi professionals could not help with. Only a Creation Master could heal them.

Even though only a Class 2 Creation Master could fully heal a fey with damaged roots, a Class 1 Creation Master could only take measures immediately. That could also ease the feys with damaged roots, so not much of their combat power would be weakened due to it. They could continue on their journey until they returned to the city and found a Class 2 Creation Master to heal their feys.

It was not hard for Creation Masters to do wild harvesting, so there was naturally no reason to reject Lin Yuan.

Xin Ying replied with a nod, “In that case, there is no problem at all. Since you’re a Creation Master, you’ll be of great help to the team. I’ll raise your remuneration from 30% to 35%, but before this, I want to verify your healing ability.”

Naturally, Lin Yuan would not refuse Xin Ying’s suggestion, as this was a responsibility toward all her teammates from a certain aspect.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaobai started yelling, “F*ck! Heartless! Xin Ying, you’re not going to test it on me again, right?”

Xin Ying looked at Zhang Xiaobai as though he were a fool and nodded. “Who else would it be besides you?”

Zhang Xiaobai looked around and spat out his tongue as he resigned to his fate.

He was the only defense-type spirit qi professional on the team. Xin Ying and Tan Ran were power offense-type spirit qi professionals, while Lu Pinru was a support-type spirit qi professional. He was still the most suitable one to test Lin Yuan’s healing ability, after all.

Tan Ran, who had not been talking much, suddenly stepped forward and said seriously, “I can also try it. I’ll test the healing ability on behalf of Big Brother Zhang.”

Upon seeing this, Zhang Xiaobai hurriedly walked to Xin Ying’s side and said, “I’ll do it. Your body isn’t strong. Why do you have to try?”

Zhang Xiaobai, who could imagine Xin Ying beating himself up, could not help but gnash his teeth and look at her before saying, “Do it lightly.”

Xin Ying clenched her fist, and a sudden surge of energy rushed to her hand, creating a golden flare on her fist.

Lin Yuan sensed that this energy’s attribute was metal and speculated that she should have a metal-type fey.

Xin Ying had attached the energy of her contracted metal-type fey to herself. However, a contractor using one’s own fey’s ability like this was much weaker than summoning the fey itself to do so.

She looked at her fist and then at Zhang Xiaobai before she went through her backpack on the seat. “Should I hit you with my katar, so you’ll sustain more serious injuries? You can test the healing ability better that way.”

Zhang Xiaobai covered his face and groa

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