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Xin Ying managed to strike the Spiky Beetle.

The golden feline shadow hidden in her claw blades exploded when it hit the Spiky Beetle’s weak spot and entered the insect’s butthole.

This strike containing Xin Ying’s full force exploded in the Spiky Beetle’s body.

Despite being a Class 3 alien insect, the Spiky Beetle had suffered a full blow at its weak spot by Xin Ying, a B-rank power offense-type spirit qi professional with a Gold fey.

Although it was still struggling, it was obviously the Spiky Beetle’s last resistance before its death. Soon, the Spiky Beetle lost its life and lay motionless.

Zhang Xiaobai immediately commanded his Bloody Leech to drain the Spiky Beetle’s blood.

The Bloody Leech could quickly replenish its lost stamina during the battle by draining blood.

The defense line formed by the alien insect corpses was mostly thanks to Zhang Xiaobai and the Bloody Leech. Without the Bloody Leech using its Oily Plasma to attract the insects, the fortification could not have been constructed so quickly.

At this point, everyone had been fighting hard for nearly an hour, causing their stamina to reach rock bottom.

However, they still carried on fighting, relying on nothing more than the faith and protection in their hearts, as well as the desire to live.

Zhang Xiaobai’s Bloody Leech drained the Spiky Beetle’s blood. Its acidic blood made the Bloody Leech suffer serious injuries, but it recovered its stamina pretty well.

Then, Zhang Xiaobai commanded the Bloody Leech to fill the Spiky Beetle on the fortification where the Spiky Beetle had previously crashed into.

The Spiky Beetle’s shell faced outward, and its spikes pierced through the low-grade alien insects that crashed into it, just like candied hawthorn sticks.

It seemed that the Spiky Beetle had contributed a lot to the fortification.

Under the dome of the night, the battle ensued.

Lin Yuan could completely sense that everyone had little stamina left. Not only had the front line defense become a bit strenuous, but those combat-class spirit qi professionals with Bronze and Silver feys behind also rotated at a much faster pace than before. Before their fresh injuries could heal, they had to take over. Due to their unhealed fresh injuries adding onto their old injuries, everyone could barely hold on any longer.

Healing-type spirit qi professionals were rare, including those with Bronze feys, like the Spitting Turtledove. These healing-type spirit qi professionals had already exhausted the spirit qi in their bodies.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly received an intimate greeting that came from his spiritual spatial zone.

Red Thorn had awakened from its evolution, and a look of surprise appeared on Lin Yuan’s face. It had awakened at the right time!


Lin Yuan summoned Red Thorn without hesitation.

A strange plant that was nearly two meters tall appeared in his hand. A huge sphere grew in the middle of the

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