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Chapter 129: Officially Joining

This burly man had inadvertently come up with a unique talent!

He had just been defending the Extreme Guild Club’s team and disapproving of the healing-type spirit qi professional joining the team.

When the burly man saw Lin Yuan’s expression, he was not even embarrassed. He touched his nose and said with a laugh, “You need to bootlick and make sarcastic remarks when you need to. This is what a professional fan should be like. You’re still too young.”

Lin Yuan felt that this burly man had quite a lot of unique talents. It was a pity that he had come out to adventure.

The healing-type spirit qi professional, who had been rejected, soon found a team and was treated like a boss.

The Extreme Guild Club’s team continued searching for a healing-type spirit qi professional to recruit.

When Lin Yuan saw this, he went forward.

At that moment, the burly man at Lin Yuan’s side wanted to tell him that if he did not get into the team, the two of them could form a team instead. The burly man would treat it as though he was leading a newcomer.

However, he realized that Lin Yuan was heading to the Extreme Guild Club’s team. As a result, he could not help but open his mouth wide immediately.

“F*ck! Heartless! This kid won’t happen to be a healing-type spirit qi professional, right?”

Lin Yuan greatly appreciated the Extreme Guild Club’s team’s approach just now.

The most important thing of a team formation was communication and respecting each other, just like how the blonde-haired girl called Xin Ying would listen to and respect her teammates’ opinions.

Her other teammates also adhered to the team’s bottom line of recruiting teammates.

Other combat-class spirit qi professionals were required to do their best to protect the healing-type spirit qi professionals in the field battles, provided that the healing-type spirit qi professional could keep up with healing the team.

They should not receive protection just because they could not fight.

Therefore, there was a mutual relationship between the teammates. If a healing-type spirit qi professional could not keep up with healing the team, the other people would naturally not treat them like a boss either.

Adventuring in the wild was not a child’s play. If a healing-type spirit qi professional could not keep up with healing the team, they would cause the combat-type spirit qi professionals to sustain fresh injuries before their old injuries were healed.

This would create a vicious cycle, and the team would eventually crumble.

If a combat-type spirit qi professional was compared to a kinetic energy machine, then a healing-type spirit qi professional would be the one constantly repairing the machine and refueling it.

Thus, everyone would want to form a team with a qualified healing-type spirit qi professional who could heal the team when out in the wild.

Healing-type spirit qi professionals were so highl

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