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If the feminine man looked at the comments in his live-streaming room, he would realize that the moment the two bloody flowers had bloomed, the comments had vanished for a few seconds and instantly flooded the screen and turned it white. These comments were no longer indistinguishable.

When the feminine man saw them, he would notice that even though it was clearly his live-streaming room, none of the comments mentioned himself.

The two bewitching bloody flowers only bloomed for a moment. As soon as the warmth in the blood dissipated, it withered among the rose-like flowers and the vines with sharp thorns, leaving nothing.

Despite only existing for a brief moment, the two bloody flowers had the most shocking visual impact on the feminine man and the viewers in his live-streaming room.

The blooming flowers had vanished, and the two bloody flowers withered instantly, proclaiming Lin Yuan’s victory on the 74th floor of the Star Tower.

Lin Yuan continued to match with an opponent after his victory. When he reached the 80th floor, the strongest he had ever encountered was still the feminine man who had been stroking his hair coquettishly with no intentions of fighting.

After that, the only strong one he encountered was a combat-class spirit qi professional with a Gold III/Elite Coldwater Snapping Turtle.

However, the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly’s Silence Scale Powder restrained it a lot in the duel. When the Silence Scale Powder landed on the Coldwater Snapping Turtle, it had isolated its ability to use the water element, which was akin to nullifying its attacking means.

The Coldwater Snapping Turtle’s evolution path was more inclined toward spiritual mutation, and it made use of the water element to cause damage.

If an ordinary Bronze X/Legend Blue Flash Butterfly released the Silence Scale Powder, it would certainly not cause such a strong Silence effect on the Coldwater Snapping Turtle under normal circumstances.

However, Lin Yuan had used the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly’s scale powder with strong adhesion, making the Coldwater Snapping Turtle very passive.

It was the only fey that the combat-class spirit qi professional had. Evidently, he had invested all the resources in this Gold III/Elite Coldwater Snapping Turtle. Otherwise, if he had another fey, he could also let it release some abilities to help the Coldwater Snapping Turtle get rid of the Silence Scale Powder. Things would not have been as passive as it was now.

The Coldwater Snapping Turtle had a layer of mucus on its shell surface that made the Silence Scale Powder firmly attached to its body. Although the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly’s grade was not as high as the Coldwater Snapping Turtle, the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly simply restrained the Coldwater Snapping Turtle based on its abilities and exclusive skills.

Lin Yuan did not use the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee or Red Thorn for this duel. He only used Chimey and the Blue Flash Purple

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