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Lin Yuan was enhancing a plant fey he had found in the wild. It seemed like a weed with no characteristics. It had three long, slender leaves with thick leaf blades.

Although this weed seemed like nothing special, it seemed to exude a different kind of formidable aura.

As Lin Yuan was injecting spirit qi into it, the ordinary weed was constantly changing. After a few hours, its leaves became longer and drooped downward, with a unique texture.

When a bunch of plain white flowers that grew straight out of the leaves bloomed, it immediately emanated a beautiful and refreshing fragrance, causing the room to instantly turn cooler.

This lush fragrance was not sweet and delicate at all, but an elegant fragrance. When one touched this orchid, it was as though one’s heart calmed down.

The reserved fragrance no longer spread out, but it was exceptionally deep, as though it contained the season and climate.

Lin Yuan stopped channeling his spiritual power, and when he looked at the Bronze/Epic White Jade Snow Orchid before him, he could not help but nod in satisfaction.

The fey that he had picked up and looked like a weed was actually an orchid.

At first, Lin Yuan felt that orchids were considered relatively rare feys, so he had picked it. However, he did not expect that he would nurture this orchid into a White Jade Snow Orchid.

The orchids in the world generally looked the same before they bloomed. Only when they bloomed could their value be specifically distinguished.

Plums, orchids, bamboos, and chrysanthemums had always been the four most elegant plants. Although this White Jade Snow Orchid was not the most top-notch orchid, it was a fine fey that others could not ask for.

Just as Lin Yuan stretched his body and was about to take a closer look at the Bronze/Epic White Jade Snow Orchid, there were two soft knocks on the door, and he heard Wen Yu’s voice coming from outside. “Young Master, lunch is ready. It’s time to eat.”

Lin Yuan walked out of his room with the pot of White Jade Snow Orchid in his hands. When Wen Yu saw him come out, she was stunned.

It was said that a gentleman was like an orchid, but when Lin Yuan came out holding the orchid, Wen Yu suddenly had a feeling that an orchid was not as good as a gentleman. Perhaps it was because this young man’s aura was too outstanding that he suppressed the orchid’s aura.

When she examined the pot of orchid in Lin Yuan’s hand, she was astonished. She was also a Creation Master, so she had recognized at a glance that the orchid in his hands was an Epic White Jade Snow Orchid.

Of course, this was not what shocked her the most because she had seen many orchid feys and Epic feys. However, this Bronze/Epic fey was extremely rare, especially since it was an orchid fey.

Just like in the Radiant Moon Palace, the reward for the top spirit attendant every year was only a Bronze/Epic fey.

Wen Yu thought little of the Bronze/Epic White Jade Snow

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