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As soon as the ten pots of Silver Usneas were sold, Lin Yuan noticed that Purchase With No Loss Store’s fan group had also exploded.

Lin Yuan was amazed at the speed of these fan members—they were truly fast!

The Silver Usneas might have only been on the store for three minutes before selling out, but the news of Purchase With No Loss Store selling Silver Usneas still created a commotion. When this piece of news was spread out, the store’s reputation instantly burst upward.

The price that Lin Yuan had set for the Silver Usneas wasn’t low. As compared to the Silver Usneas’ auction price in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, the selling price for Lin Yuan’s Silver Usneas was similar.

However, Silver Usneas were simply too rare, and hardly anyone would choose to sell Silver Usneas through an auction on the Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion. If the Silver Usneas branches were cut and nurtured with a special method, they would quickly grow into Elite Usneas.

The price of Elite Usneas was already rather high, so a Silver Usnea could actually be said to be a hen that could lay eggs.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother about the explosive commotion after he put up the Silver Usneas for sale in the store. In any case, he wasn’t planning to put up new species of rare feys in the future. But the grades of the Usneas and Spirit-Siphon Goldfish would only continue getting higher.

Inside a high-class office building situated within the Radiance Federation’s Royal Capital, a short-haired yet abnormally cute woman was sitting in a sulky mood. She was holding onto a pen and clicking on it repeatedly.

At that moment, the colleague of the cute woman walked over and asked, “Ningning, has Black not replied to you yet?”

The cute woman nodded and said, “There is still no news yet. But I can see that Black’s consecutive wins are still increasing on the Star Tower.”

The colleague patted on Tian Ningning’s shoulder and said, “Ningning, there is plenty of news on the Star Web for you to report on. You don’t have to go on a wild goose chase. If Black isn’t willing, isn’t it the same to find someone else for the interview?”

Tian Ningning shook her head and pouted before replying stubbornly, “Big Sister Feng, I still wish to interview Black. I feel that Black has potential!”

Tian Ningning felt rather conflicted right now. She was one of Star Web’s special columnists, whose numbers didn’t exceed 300 in the entire Star Web. One could even say that every special columnist possessed a huge flow of resources on the Star Web.

As for Tian Ningning, she had just passed the test officially at the start of this year, becoming the Star Web’s special columnist. During this year, Tian Ningning had written plenty of exceptional articles, but she had never found a person that she truly wanted to interview.

In fact, Tian Ningning had plenty of good opportunities this year too. Not long ago, one of the ex-Sequence members of the Radiance Hundred tha

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