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Liu Jie’s contracted source-type Insect Queen had long since been healed. It was no longer in imminent danger, and it had even evolved into a Fantasy Breed.

Not long ago, Liu Jie had gone to find Bai Hao and Wang Fan with a very simple goal. He wanted to apologize.

Liu Jie had been discouraged and become an ordinary person, so he naturally had not wanted to contact his former friends again. He had thought that he would just be giving them more trouble.

At that time, he had become a useless person, and his only fey, the Insect Queen, had been his only reliance. When the Insect Queen’s roots had been damaged, Liu Jie had been ready to cut off all ties and become an ordinary person.

Although he was doing well now, he recalled that Bai Hao and Wang Fan had always been searching and missing him for two years. He felt touched yet apologetic.

When he had met Bai Hao the other time, although Bai Hao’s words had made him angry, he did not take it to heart. This was because Liu Jie knew Bai Hao very well. He was a softie at heart.

Because of mutual understanding, the three of them had become the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s members and would form a three-member team when they went out to do their missions. Men’s friendship was actually just like that, sincere and simple.

After the meal and drinking a few cups of wine, Bai Hao and Wang Fan had gotten closure. They had been concerned about Liu Jie’s past experience and missed him dearly.

For Liu Jie, his strength had returned, and he had become even more powerful. He was back on good terms with his old friends and also had the faith of this young man in front of him.

One would really feel good during a happy occasion!

Liu Jie had never felt how good life was, even when he was still at the top, but after he had fallen into the dust, his perception of life had changed. He felt happy at every bit of the present and interacting with the people close to him.

However, he was caught between laughter and tears when Wang Fan sent a message to the group. Only then did Liu Jie learn that Bai Hao and Wang Fan had pooled their money. They wanted to see if they could treat his Insect Queen’s injuries. After knowing that it had been healed, Bai Hao gave Wang Fan’s share back to him but rewarded all of his money to a live-streamer on Star Web called the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess.

He had given tens of millions of Radiance dollars, causing Bai Hao, who had been the second top contributing fan for two months, to shoot up to the first place. Not only had he reclaimed his position, but he was also worlds apart from second place.

However, Bai Hao was stifled as no matter how hard he had sent gifts like a bootlicker, the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess had never thanked him. At that moment, he posted something in the group.

Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’s Little Fanboy: “Liu Jie, Wang Fan, come out and go on a mission with me to earn money!”

Wang Fan: “When did you start to wan

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