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During the past few days, Lin Yuan had been climbing the Star Tower. He had already fought from the 80th floor to the 100th floor, and if he went any further, he would take part in the promotion duel.

When climbing from the 80th floor to the 100th floor, all of Lin Yuan’s opponents possessed Gold feys. After the 90th floor, Lin Yuan had encountered plenty of spirit qi professionals that possessed two Gold feys. However, the grade of the Gold feys wasn’t considered high.

Nonetheless, when Lin Yuan used the Gold/Legend Acid Corrosion Queen Bee, these duels weren’t that difficult to win. In fact, even though Chimey had become a Fantasy Breed and obtained the new exclusive skill Radiant Body, Lin Yuan hadn’t used it until now.

During the climb from the 80th floor to the 100th floor, the strongest Gold fey Lin Yuan had encountered was only a Gold VII/Flawless fey. The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’s grade might be Gold I, but its quality was Legend.

The Gold I/Legend Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’s actual strength was actually superior to Gold VII/Flawless feys. Furthermore, the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee was an assassin that hid in the sea of flowers, allowing it to land sneak attacks.

Lin Yuan had also encountered a spirit qi professional that had been live-streaming when fighting in the Star Tower. The live streamer had been none other than the spirit qi professional that possessed the Gold VII/Flawless fey. Therefore, it was also the first time Lin Yuan’s Acid Corrosion Queen Bee appeared in the Star Web netizens’ eyes.

This had also solved the mystery as to how Lin Yuan had instantly killed that feminine man’s two feys. The case of the two blood flowers that had blossomed in the sea of flowers had finally been cracked.

On the Star Web, Lin Yuan’s popularity was simply through the roof. At the same time, some questions were brought up in the Star Web.

Isn’t Black a healing-type spirit qi professional?

Why haven’t we seen Black using a healing-type fey?

When in combat, he actually became a combat-class spirit qi professional?

Had it not been for Red Thorn’s appearance that had immediately proved Black’s identity, even if Black’s fans and fan leader Liu Lang insisted, not many would believe that Lin Yuan was Black.

That was because Lin Yuan had never used any healing-type fey. He had been using combat-class feys to climb the tower, so everyone found the same problem—Lin Yuan’s talent.

A spirit qi professional’s talent was always viewed with different levels.

Most of the spirit qi professionals would be compatible with one species and one type of fey, like defense-type/beetle-species feys. Of course, there was also a difference in strength. For example, if a spirit qi professional was compatible with power offense-type/tiger-species feys, while the other was compatible with power offense-type/goat-species feys. The strength difference would be easier to differentiate.

Tiger-species feys did have stron

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