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Lin Yuan had seen these three fish at the edge of the pool in the depths of the Endless Forest and felt that they were rather familiar, so he had subconsciously used True Data to check them. If he had not done so, he would not have brought them back.

The three fish looked gray and were only half a finger long, so they were simply not conspicuous in the water. But thanks to True Data, Lin Yuan found out that they were actually the legendary Myriad Form Carps.

He was familiar with them, as there were many of them in the pond in the center of the garden outside the Radiant Moon Palace. However, those fish were not ordinary Myriad Form Carps, but a famous koi-species of the Myriad Form Carps’ evolution.

As the name implied, the Myriad Form Carp was a kind of carp that could evolve into different kinds of koi under the catalysis of various spiritual ingredients and spirit qi.

Koi was auspicious because it was always linked to good luck. Therefore, the Radiance Federation would also regard koi as the most inferior auspicious feys. Only ordinary koi feys were considered as inferior auspicious feys. However, this was not the case with the evolved koi in the pond in the center of the garden outside the Radiant Moon Palace.

The Pine Snow Fallen Cherry Koi, the Golden Mountain Blowing Koi, and the Nine-Patterned Dragon Koi were the finest among the koi. Each of them was extremely complex and different in the way spiritual ingredients and spirit qi catalyzed them. The spiritual ingredients used might even be hard to find.

Take the Pine Snow Fallen Cherry Koi as an example. Its body was red and white, and the gap between the colors was not that big. Rather, it was just like a cherry blossom rain on the white snowy ground.

The cherry blossom rain on the fish carried a gradation of aesthetics, as though some cherry blossoms had been buried deep in the white snow, some had fallen on the snow surface, while some were still dancing in the cold snow, unwilling to fall.

In addition, the Pine Snow Fallen Cherry Koi’s red-and-white body had a light pattern of pine needles, which was very beautiful. In the water, it was also like, ‘the pine needles blending with the cold snow, and the fallen cherry blossoms and snow are suddenly warm.’ It was as though a sudden warm cherry blossom rain had bloomed in the water’s extreme coldness.

The koi in the pond in the center of the Radiant Moon Palace’s garden was not a question of whether one could get them for a price in the Radiance Federation. Many people from affluent families who loved koi feys might not even have the chance to see it once in their lives.

Even though Lin Yuan was used to seeing those koi in the pond, he was still amazed at the three koi he had evolved in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. He had never expected the three Myriad Form Carps would actually evolve into truly auspicious feys after he enhanced them.

When he used True Data to check them, he found out that the

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