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Lin Yuan pondered for a moment and gave up on feys that could learn Transformation Possession to attach onto the body just like Xin Ying’s contracted fey. Transformation Possession and Tool Transformation were both very rare, and one could only hope to encounter such exclusive skills.

If Lin Yuan was to enhance feys in huge quantities, it would be possible to produce a Bronze fey that awakened the Transformation Possession exclusive skill. However, given Lin Yuan’s current spiritual energy, he wouldn’t be able to form a contract with a Bronze fey. His remaining spiritual energy wouldn’t be enough.

Therefore, Lin Yuan knew that he could only choose a source-type lifeform with great defense if he wanted to increase his survivability.

Nevertheless, source-type lifeforms were extremely rare, and every source-type lifeform had different abilities. Hence, source-type lifeforms that could be used for protection and defense were also things that one could only hope to encounter.

Even if Lin Yuan could find one, putting aside whether he could afford it, it was unknown if Lin Yuan could fulfill the conditions to form a contract with it.

Lin Yuan had only decided on a direction, and as for how he was going to obtain a source-type lifeform to protect himself, there was a need for further planning.

After finishing the duel on the 100th floor, Lin Yuan didn’t immediately log out of the Star Web; instead, he clicked on the notification box that had constantly been flashing.

Lin Yuan had never checked on the notifications for Black because he didn’t know a lot of people with his Black identity. The only people he knew as Black were Zhang Xiaobai, Xin Ying, Lu Pinru, and Tan Ran. Furthermore, they contacted each other with their mobile phones and not through the Star Web. Therefore, Lin Yuan felt that it was fine for Black not to reply to any of the messages.

However, when Lin Yuan logged in as his Creation Master identity, he would look at the notification box from time to time. Every time Lin Yuan logged into the Star Web as a Creation Master, he would feel that all the fans of Purchase With No Loss store were true ‘warriors’. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to send out close to 10,000 messages in just one or two days.

10,000 messages were already a lot for Lin Yuan. Nonetheless, when he checked the notification box for Black, he was flabbergasted.

Isn’t this too many messages!?

Lin Yuan counted and realized the number of messages had reached six digits. These were a few hundred thousands of messages!

Not even five days had passed since Lin Yuan started using his Black identity to climb the tower. He took a glance at the messages and realized that the first message was from the Star Web officials.

The Star Web officials hoped that Lin Yuan could open up a Star Web live stream and receive an interview from the Star Web. At the same time, there was a reporter’s contact information at the bottom of the

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