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When Lin Yuan returned to the manor, he noticed that Wen Yu was holding a sprinkling can and watering an Earth Rush Golden Lotus that was planted in front of the manor. This Earth Rush Golden Lotus wasn’t a decorative fey for the manor, but in fact, it was a source-type lifeform contracted by Wen Yu.

Wen Yu originally didn’t have the Earth Rush Golden Lotus. However, after becoming Lin Yuan’s assistant, in order to allow Wen Yu to be of better help to Lin Yuan, the Moon Empress had bestowed this precious source-type lifeform, Earth Rush Golden Lotus, to Wen Yu.

This Silver/Flawless Earth Rush Golden Lotus could be said to be an exceptional helper for Creation Masters, but it had a habit, and that was to bask in at least six hours of sun every day. The Earth Rush Golden Lotus would only develop well only with six hours of sun a day. If it didn’t have at least six hours of sun, the Earth Rush Golden Lotus would look like it was going to wither and lifeless.

As for the Bronze/Epic White Jade Snow Orchid and Lin Yuan’s Silver/Fantasy Jasmine Lily, those were plants that didn’t have an especially high requirement for sunlight.

The indoor refraction of light was already enough for the White Jade Snow Orchid and the Jasmine Lily.

Recently, Lin Yuan didn’t release all of his feys on the outside and allowed them to live in the mansion. The Silver/Fantasy Jasmine Lily, the Silver/Fantasy Chimey, and the Bronze IV/Epic Red Thorn all required to increase their grade and evolve.

Therefore, Lin Yuan had placed the Jasmine Lily and Chimey into the Spirit Lock spatial zone. The high concentration of spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone was able to constantly enhance the Jasmine Lily and Chimey. As for Red Thorn, Lin Yuan placed it inside the leaf-shaped fey storage box, allowing Red Thorn to pick its preference among the dimensional lifeforms to consume and evolve itself.

As of now, Lin Yuan truly didn’t have any method to enhance Red Thorn, so it was the slowest to advance in grade among his feys. Red Thorn’s evolution speed was even slower than Chimey’s and the Jasmine Lily’s, even though the two latter feys were Silver/Fantasy.

If Lin Yuan wanted, he could enter seclusion for a few months and would be able to upgrade Chimey and the Jasmine Lily from Silver I to Silver II.

However, Red Thorn could only rely on itself to consume massive amounts of flesh and blood in order to evolve. In fact, Red Thorn’s progression was the normal progression of a spirit qi professional’s fey. Nonetheless, Red Thorn’s progression should still be significantly faster than other feys. At the very least, Red Thorn didn’t need to fret about not having even blood and flesh from dimensional lifeforms.


At present, Red Thorn was consuming massive amounts of Class 1 dimensional lifeforms and consuming small quantities of Class 2 and Class 3 dimensional lifeforms.

The corpse of a Class 3 dimensional lifeform was already equivalent t

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