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There were many jade-like wooden materials and red sandalwood in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Lin Yuan had gotten the completely jade-like sandalwood when he had cleaned up the backyard in the Xia Region’s fey store and disassembled the old shelves.

When he had taken over the store, there had been six shelves in the store. He then later supported the store alone, and due to health reasons, only one shelf was left.

After disassembling the five shelves, he had gotten a huge batch of red sandalwood and placed them in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

At present, the red sandalwood had turned into a jade-like red-purple color, with a faint red sandalwood grain on it. The grains made it seem as though a faint purple cloud was vaguely rising, looking like a propitious omen.

As Lin Yuan looked at this jade-like red sandalwood material and the rising purple cloud, he felt it was a wonderful message. These red sandalwood materials were worthy of the three superior and auspicious Dragon Phoenix Landscape Carps.

At that moment, Wen Yu was instructing some gardeners, who were taking care of the mansion greenery, to plant some Normal plant feys in the various parts of the mansion.

With the 250,000 kilograms of high-grade energy ores and the protection from the Place of Life, perhaps after some time, these Normal plants would have the opportunity to become Elite.

Liu Jie went out to buy spiritual ingredients at that moment. Ever since Lin Yuan had put that pot of White Jade Snow Orchid in the kitchen, he particularly liked to buy a bunch of spiritual ingredients and put them on the kitchen shelves.

Anyway, with the White Jade Snow Orchid around, these spiritual ingredients would not deteriorate. Even if some plant spiritual ingredients had their roots broken, they would still become fresher the longer they were kept.

Lin Yuan called a Speed-Hoofed Donkey Car and headed toward a very famous Spirit Craftsman store in the Royal Capital. He preferred to travel in the Royal Capital with a Speed-Hoofed Donkey Car than a flying fey.

The Speed-Hoofed Donkey Car could let him experience the bustle and noise in the Royal Capital, feel the earthly food fragrance, and let him calm down.

The driver chatted with Lin Yuan about his family’s daily life along the way and was very enthusiastic. The car was traveling on the road when a young girl about the same age as Chu Ci ran on the side of the road and reached out to stop it with a particularly anxious look.

The middle-aged driver turned around and looked at Lin Yuan, which was him asking Lin Yuan. If there were passengers on the Speed-Hoofed Donkey Car and the driver wanted to take another passenger on the way, they had to obtain the passengers’ consent.

Lin Yuan naturally would not mind it, so he waved his hand and said, “Uncle, I have no opinions.”

The driver was actually very willing to take another passenger, as this was akin to earning more money. He stopped at the

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