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Lin Yuan suddenly felt as if a magnificent landscape of mountains and rivers had appeared before his eyes. The mountains and rivers were flowing and changing, and the mountains, rivers, canyon, and ocean were changing with the world’s transformations.

He looked at the ink-dyed rivers and mountains on the Dragon Phoenix Landscape Carp that had leaped out of the water, as though 10,000 years had passed in one glance. But when he returned to his senses and looked at the time, he found that only a few seconds had passed.

At that moment, Lin Yuan felt a Willpower Rune that seemed to have a layer of ink-color, flowing and changing in the pure whiteness, emerge in his spiritual energy. It was the Myriad Form Willpower Rune.

He could not help but touch the back of his head. How had he comprehended a Willpower Rune by just looking at the Dragon Phoenix Landscape Carp that had leaped out of the water?

He had heard people say that it was very difficult to comprehend a Willpower Rune, but he really did not feel that way now.

Lin Yuan had comprehended a Willpower Rune from watching the green hills that had been burned by the blazing fire but still grew out new plants. This Willpower Rune had fused with the Jasmine Lily and allowed it to become a Fantasy Breed.

The second Willpower Rune had formed as the wolves’ pack was hunting and massacring the alien insects under the dark night. This Willpower Rune also long belonged to Red Thorn.

He had comprehended this third Yin-Yang Willpower Rune on the way to the Royal Capital with Ling Xiao. He had just been sitting on the Blue Jade Pegasus and observing the alternation between day and night. Lin Yuan had not given this Yin-Yang Willpower Rune to any of his feys.

He had comprehended the fourth Twilight Willpower Rune from watching the dawn outside Millstone Town and had fused it with Chimey, allowing it to become a Fantasy Breed Twilight Starbird.

At present, this Myriad Form Willpower Rune was his fifth one. The acquisition of this Willpower Rune made him fall into contemplation.

Among his feys, the Spirit-Gather Goldfish, Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, and Genius still did not have suitable Willpower Runes yet.

This Willpower Rune had an all-embracing sense and seemed to have some versatility. It seemed that Genius, the Spirit-Gather Goldfish, and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly were suitable with it. However, if he had to choose among them, it was very obvious that Genius was more suitable.

The manifestation of nature itself meant encompassing everything, just like Genius’ intelligence.

After Lin Yuan carefully comprehended this Myriad Form Willpower Rune, he found that it was perfectly compatible with Genius because this Willpower Rune caused more of a change in appearance rather than knowledge.


If other people comprehended a Willpower Rune that had something in common with their fey, they would be happy to use it immediately. But for his contracted f

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