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Fang Duoduo had a sudden inspiration, and his eyes lit up as he said, “Boss, I heard that he’s a healing-type spirit qi professional who has reached the Star Tower’s 100th floor with a 100% winning rate and obtained the qualification for the Celestial Stairway promotion duels.”

When Fang Duoduo said this, he emphasized the words ‘healing-type spirit qi professional’. It was as though he was reminding Long Tao that he had told him about this before.

However, Long Tao did not get Fang Duoduo’s meaning and said with considerable interest, “A healing-type spirit qi professional can climb the tower with a 100% winning rate? That’s interesting!”

As soon as Long Tao spoke, Fang Duoduo could not help but ridicule,How is that interesting? It’s simply too interesting!

Then, Long Tao suddenly asked, “Didn’t I let Hongfeng hone his combat skills lately? How would he know Black?”

Fang Duoduo chuckled and replied, “How would I know? But Chen Hongfeng is very hardworking.”

Despite saying so, he was already observing a moment of silence for Chen Hongfeng.

Chen Hongfeng was the Dragon Gate Guild Club S Tournament reserve team member. As the Radiance Hundred Sequence #3, Long Tao was the Dragon Gate Guild Club S Tournament Team’s captain. Long Tao thought highly of Chen Hongfeng, who was currently in the reserve team and planned to focus on his training.

However, in Fang Duoduo’s opinion, whoever Long Tao thought highly of and wanted to train was simply unlucky.

Chen Hongfeng used to be such an affable fat nerd. In four months, Long Tao had trained him into a skinny nerd.

Sure enough, Long Tao said, “He’s not serious in his training. After he logs off Star Web, tell him to train with another 100 duels.”

Fang Duoduo silently lit a white candle for Chen Hongfeng in his heart.

At that moment, Long Tao exclaimed, “How come he looks so familiar?”

Long Tao looked at Black, who was standing opposite Chen Hongfeng, and felt that this silver-masked person’s aura made him feel like he had a deep impression of him. It was as if he had seen him somewhere before.

Fang Duoduo interrupted, “You’ve trained Chen Hongfeng for almost six months. Of course, you’re familiar with him.”

Long Tao looked at Fang Duoduo as though he was looking at an idiot. Then, he ignored Fang Duoduo and looked at Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room.

Regardless of whether this silver-masked Black had a familiar aura, Long Tao would really like to see how a healing-type spirit qi professional had reached the Celestial Stairway promotion duels with a 100% winning streak.

When Fang Duoduo received Long Tao’s gaze, he shuddered.Why did I have to slack off and watch Chen Hongfeng’s live streaming with Long Tao?

Wouldn’t it have been good if I had gone to train with my teammates in the training room?

After Chen Hongfeng had said that to his live-streaming room, he completely ignored the fact that he was live streaming. Instead, he fo

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