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Chapter 185: Shooting Up to the First Place Out of Nowhere

Lin Yuan matched all the way on Star Web without stopping until his total duels were 50.

In almost every duel before the 50th floor, Chimey would only let out a clear chirp and use Sound Thrust to end the battle easily. After these dozens of battles, Lin Yuan found that most Bronze feys he was matched with were Normal and Elite. He still had yet to see a Bronze/Flawless fey in the first 50 floors.

In the first 50 floors, he had only encountered eight Silver feys, five of which were Normal, and three were Elite.

Lin Yuan felt that his concept of the feys’ quality of the Radiance Federation’s spirit qi professionals had changed somewhat compared to before.

Since he could easily evolve Bronze and Silver feys’ quality, it was an effortless thing for him. In fact, most of the Class 2 Creation Masters in the Radiance Federation could enhance Bronze feys into Elite, but it was hard to enhance them into Flawless.

Enhancing a Bronze fey from Flawless to Epic would require at least a Class 4 Creation Master. For ordinary Creation Masters, the higher the feys’ grade, the easier it would be to enhance them.

They would use all sorts of spiritual ingredients to concoct a spirit fluid with medicinal properties to stimulate the fey’s potential. The higher the fey’s grade, the stronger its body’s potential, and the easier it would be stimulated.

However, the way Lin Yuan enhanced feys was to channel a tremendous amount of pure spirit qi into the fey’s body to optimize the genetic model and enhance the low-grade fey’s foundation. Thus, for the other Creation Masters, the higher a fey’s grade, the easier it would be to enhance it. On the contrary, it was easier for Lin Yuan to enhance feys of lower grades.

As such, Lin Yuan’s thinking gradually changed. While he was climbing the Star Tower, his thoughts had returned to the Radiance Federation’s normal standard.

Because he had been matched with those combat-class spirit qi professionals, Bronze and Silver feys of Normal or Elite were the norm for the spirit qi professionals.

This made Lin Yuan could not help but feel a little ashamed. Even though he had lived two lives, he had made a mistake that people would often make.

He was always subjective. If he had a wider scope, he would inevitably look at things differently.

Lin Yuan could not help but nod in satisfaction at this record of a 100% winning rate for 50 duels. Then he logged off the Star Web. However, he did not know that many disputes had emerged after he had climbed the Star Tower and had rounds of duels.

First of all, Black’s fan club and forums were in an uproar. After Wang Shuai had met Lin Yuan in the Star Tower, he had downloaded the video of their battle and posted it in the forum and fan club.

There were many people in Black’s fan club and forum. Except for the people who had fought alongside Lin Yuan in Millstone Town, those who c

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