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Chapter 179: The Purchase With No Loss Store’s Fan Club

This group was actually his store’s fan club. After each completed transaction from his Star Web store, the buyers could rate his store once and choose to spend a certain price to enter his fan club.

People would usually not enter such a store’s fan club. After all, which customers would be willing to pay a certain price after buying from one’s store to join their fan club?

Some large Class 4 and Class 5 stores presided by Creation Masters might have such a privilege.

Actually, joining such a fan club was so that they could better spend in the store or communicate with the store owner.

Lin Yuan looked at his store’s fan club, where there were only 37 people.

How had these 37 people crazily created tens of thousands of messages?

Lin Yuan could not help but feel dumbfounded.

He had not put many new feys on sale in the last few months, and each time he did, the few people waiting online had snatched them away. Therefore, there were only a few buyers every time he put new ones on sale.

Presently, Lin Yuan’s Purchase With No Loss store had a little reputation on Star Web. However, his store’s reputation was somewhat interesting. The store buyers found that this store was indeed like its name, as one simply could buy nothing.

Almost all the customers who had purchased feys from his store had joined the fan club. At first, they had joined because they wanted to meet Lin Yuan and see if they could get more goods from him.

Not only had they not managed to meet the mysterious owner, Lin Yuan, but various fake news from other people in the group had also cheated them.

Every time someone shouted that the store had new feys for sale, the other people in the group who wanted to buy the goods would go over immediately, only to find out there was nothing.

The most outrageous thing was that a few people in the group had the bright idea of setting an alarm clock in the middle of the night.

It took those people great efforts to wake up in the morning, yet they would immediately become spirited once the alarm clock rang. They would shout in the fan club, “There are new feys on sale!”

They had tricked most people in the group into waiting at Lin Yuan’s store. However, after one hour, two hours, they would find nothing and end up being duped.

On the contrary, all of them were smart when there were new goods. Those who managed to snatch would boast in the fan club. Slowly, the people in Lin Yuan’s fan club had developed a competitive friendship.

Lin Yuan’s fan club numbers grew very slowly. After all, it was really hard to emerge from the dozens of hungry wolves and snatch the feys to have the qualification to join the fan club.

Lin Yuan realized that there were many familiar people in this group chat—the braised egg head(Stream in the Cloud), Zhou Jiaxin, the violent-tempered woman, and the Buddha-tempered person.

The braised egg head

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