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Lin Yuan was somewhat worried as he communicated with Chimey. However, he was startled when it sent over its spiritual fluctuation.

As he watched it fly around in anticipation, he cleared his throat and said, “If you want to transform into a human form, you need to evolve into Suzerain/Myth II.”

Lin Yuan was a little confused why Chimey was asking such a question. It always had a cheerful nature and would stick to him every day and hum songs.

When had Chimey, which was carefree all day long, become so obsessed with being able to transform into human form?

If Genius was around, it would certainly hide under the chair and cover its eyes with its small paws, not daring to look at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan had not used Genius’ Tool Transformation to turn it into glasses or a mask for the past few days. Therefore, the idle Genius had become Chimey’s live-streaming manager again in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Genius’s return had saved the busy Chimey. During the live-streaming, Genius had helped Chimey resolve all kinds of problems.

Just as Chimey had gone to compete with other live-streamers, Genius, a Thousand Questions Beast, had helped it resolve problems perfectly.

Without Genius’s quick eyes and paws, Chimey would have revealed its true form when the GIF disappeared during the competition.

However, a lot of things had happened to Chimey’s live-streaming room. First, the second-highest contributing fan had overtaken the top one, causing a tremendous amount of interest in its live-streaming room. Then, someone wrote about a fan meeting in the comment box. Chimey started to have some thoughts about it after learning what it was.

Upon thinking that it was just a bird, it could not help but sigh.

In Chimey’s eyes, Lin Yuan had always been almighty, so it had asked him how it could transform into human form. Indeed, Lin Yuan’s words answered its question.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s answer, Chimey immediately became happy. Its mind was filled with the idea of evolving into Suzerain/Myth II, transforming into human form, and then holding the fan meeting grandly. It felt happy just thinking about it.

As it thought about it, it could not help but become a little nervous and secretly glance at Lin Yuan while feeling diffident.

After all, Lin Yuan did not know that it was singing. Chimey wondered,What if Yuan finds out and is unhappy with my live-streaming on Star Web?

However, in its opinion, Lin Yuan was looking at it worriedly. It then happily jumped on his ears and caressed his hair at the side of his ear with its head. Chimey thought,Yuan is so good to me. He won’t be so mean to me! If he doesn’t like me singing, then I won’t sing anymore on Star Web. I’ll just sing to him alone.

Lin Yuan noticed that Chimey had a load on its mind earlier, but now, it was so happy. He couldn’t help but rub Chimey’s head with his finger.

He was still kept in the dark and thought that Chimey was so sentimental

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