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Originally, Lin Yuan didn’t need to purchase any more Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. He was planning to wait for that batch of Five Fortune Ranchu to evolve from Normal to Elite grade and sell them. However, when Lin Yuan was in seclusion for a few months, those Five Fortune Ranchus had actually broken through to the Elite grade and had substantial growth.

Many of them had already reached Elite VI and VII. If these Five Fortune Ranchus were nurtured for a little more time, they would be halfway into the Bronze grade.

The Five Fortune Ranchu was an auspicious breed of Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, and an Elite Five Fortune Ranchu could be sold for 60 to 70 Radiance dollars. But once its grade reached Bronze, the prices of the Five Fortune Ranchus would increase by over a hundred times and reach close to 10,000 Radiance dollars.

Bronze Five Fortune Ranchus were actually no different from other Bronze Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. Nonetheless, the price difference was at least 30 times more. It was due to the vibrant multi-colors on the Five Fortune Ranchu and its adorably plump body. It signified that all five fortunes were present and also indicated health and prosperity.

Due to the auspicious signs and rarity of the Five Fortune Ranchus, they were actively sought out.

Lin Yuan was planning to grow these Five Fortune Ranchus to the Bronze grade before putting them for sale on the Star Web store. This way, his Star Web store would have an instant surge in reputation.

Lin Yuan was preparing to manage the Star Web store mainly because he had to enhance feys’ grades in order to increase the spiritual power in his body. During this time, Lin Yuan might still feel the growth of his spiritual power, but it was growing at an extremely gradual pace. It was obvious that Lin Yuan still had a rather long path before becoming a B-rank spirit qi professional.

During the past four months, Lin Yuan had been mainly upgrading his feys’ quality. Apart from Red Thorn, he had upgraded the rest of his feys’ quality to Legend. In terms of enhancing the grade, apart from the Jasmine Lily and Chimey, which had evolved from Bronze/Fantasy to Silver/Fantasy, and the Gold Acid Corrosion Queen Bee, Lin Yuan hadn’t really enhanced the grade of other feys.

This was part of the reason why Lin Yuan’s spiritual power growth was rather slow.

Therefore, for the next period, Lin Yuan would climb the Star Tower and enhance a massive number of feys to increase his spiritual power. After enhancing all the feys, Lin Yuan would naturally put them on sale in his Star Web store.

Lin Yuan wasn’t just going to separate his statuses as a Creation Master and as a combat-class spirit qi professional. He was also going to make changes to the Star Web store.

In the future, the Star Web store would only be selling high in demand feys that Lin Yuan enhanced in batches. As for those truly rare feys that he enhanced and those custom-ordered services, Lin Yuan would be

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