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Chimey was no longer a Stream Cloud Azure Bird. When it evolved into a Fantasy Breed, it also metamorphosed into a Twilight Starbird.

As Lin Yuan looked at the sleeping Chimey, an indescribable sense of pride arose in his heart.

So what about a phoenix’s nirvana?

It was just a phoenix evolving into a phoenix.

However, Chimey had evolved from an abandoned Sound Bird into a Fantasy Breed Twilight Starbird.

After a long sleep, it woke up leisurely. It was still somewhat weak, so it took a good half day to recover. Then, it flew intimately to Lin Yuan’s ears, clearly treating it as its exclusive territory.

After Lin Yuan played with Chimey for a while, he entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone with it and started enhancing it inside.

Just like the Jasmine Lily, Lin Yuan spent nearly one month evolving Chimey into Bronze X/Fantasy I. After a month, he evolved it into Silver I/Fantasy I.

He sensed its state and could not help but sigh. This Fantasy Breed fey experienced astounding changes at every grade. This was a torrent-like metamorphosis in the life history of species.

After Chimey evolved into a Twilight Starbird, its type had changed from Sound/Qi to Sound/Light. Based on normal evolutions, Chimey’s qi-type would not easily vanish due to its metamorphosis into a Fantasy Breed.

When it had been at Elite, it was because it had comprehended the qi-type attribute that it became a Stream Cloud Azure Bird, allowing it to go beyond the sound-type and take a broader path.

However, it had fused with the Twilight Willpower Rune, and its qi-type was replaced. Theoretically, its sound-type should have been replaced.

Lin Yuan did not know that Chimey, which was jumping on him, was filled with such a strong obsession with its sound-type.

When Chimey had first met Lin Yuan, it had both been introverted and self-conscious. As a Sound Bird that had failed to evolve into a Songstress Bird, it could not even sing a complete song at that time.

Lin Yuan’s company had cleared the dust from Chimey’s life and cast a light warmer than the Twilight Willpower Rune.

It was him who had taught it the first song over and over again with great pains and let it no longer think it was a weak Sound Bird that could be abandoned.

It was also him who had let Chimey know what it felt like to be pampered, as well as let it evolve step by step to the present and become a Twilight Starbird.

The simple song that Lin Yuan had taught at that time had witnessed Chimey and Lin Yuan’s meeting. Therefore, this song was the obsession in its heart. It was unwilling to erase it until death.

All this was its obsession and a miracle in the history of the Sound Birds’ evolution, for which there was no precedence.

Miracles happened in life every day because of the various miracles that the long river of life evolved on such a magnificent scale.

Lin Yuan carefully observed Chimey’s True Data.

[Fey Name]: Twilight Starbi

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