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Zhou Jiaxin was at a loss for a moment. When Zhou Jiaxin had promoted her store to Class 4, she had already firmed up on the idea that had popped in her mind. However, it was useless even if she was determined, as the decision-maker for this idea wasn’t in Zhou Jiaxin’s control. It would be up to this youth’s opinion.

Zhou Jiaxin didn’t immediately speak of her thoughts. Instead, she walked to the counter and took out a document that had been drafted a long time ago and said, “Lin Yuan, take a look at this.”

Zhou Jiaxin was a decisive person and always did things with resolve. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to promote this store to Class 3 without a Creation Master’s backing. In fact, her store had only been one step away from promoting to Class 4 before meeting Lin Yuan.

When Zhou Jiaxin had thought of the idea, she had immediately drafted up this document. However, this document had been in here for over a month, and every time Zhou Jiaxin had a different idea, she would take the document out. Unknowingly, she had already edited it at least three times. Each edit would cause extreme pain to Zhou Jiaxin, but she would be extremely determined when making each edit.

When Lin Yuan read the document, he couldn’t help raising his brows. He sighed silently.I guessed it correctly, as expected.

However, the content of the document gave Lin Yuan quite a shock.

Zhou Jiaxin’s document was actually a collaboration agreement, and the contents were very simple. It was to maintain the current collaboration model, and 20% of the profit from Zhou Jiaxin’s store would be the remuneration for Lin Yuan to continue supplying goods to Zhou Jiaxin. At the same time, Zhou Jiaxin even granted 30% of the store’s shares as a condition for Lin Yuan to increase the supply quantity.

The 30% of shares was an additional bonus that didn’t include the 20% profits. If the store closed down when the store was sold, Lin Yuan would still receive compensation from the 30% of shares.

Of course, there was a prerequisite. Lin Yuan wasn’t allowed to sell the 30% of shares while the store was still operating normally.

After reading this collaboration agreement carefully, Lin Yuan was rather surprised. This agreement was at least twice as good as those agreements provided by Class 5 stores when they worked with their chief Creation Master. Most of the Class 5 stores would provide huge bonuses for the Creation Master that backed them, but only a rare few would be willing to offer the store’s shares to the Creation Master.

Lin Yuan already knew that Zhou Jiaxin was a person who insisted on the quality of spiritual ingredients and was a very sincere and honest business owner. However, he didn’t expect Zhou Jiaxin to actually have such courage.

Lin Yuan silently considered the feasibility of this collaboration agreement. He didn’t try to be unreasonable with the superior conditions that Zhou Jiaxin offered. After all, Lin Yuan had been mana

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