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After entering seclusion for nearly two months, Lin Yuan was a little tired. He picked up Genius, squatting at the side, and Chimey, chirping non-stop.

He leaned on the sofa in the lounge and closed his eyes to have a wonderful sleep. It was just like how Lin Yuan, Chimey, and Genius, would snuggle together to sleep in the Xia Region’s fey store five months ago. His facial expression was so quiet and peaceful.

Chimey and Genius leaned on his young man’s body as though they were leaning on the entire world. He did not have wide shoulders, but they were like a mountain, completely supporting their dependence.

Time had changed, and so did people, but not his original intentions.

Back then, there was the sick young man, the malnourished and abandoned Hundred Questions Beast, and the Sound Bird that had failed to evolve into a Songstress Bird and had been given away like trash.

They had all been given a new lease of life. This sick young man had long since become a heavenly prodigy of the young generation. The other two despised beasts also accompanied the young man to grow up and became the pioneers of the evolution of the Sound Bird and the Hundred Questions Beast, evolving into a path without precedence.

Since he almost had no rest for the past two months, Lin Yuan was simply exhausted, so he was now sleeping soundly and snoring softly. Chimey hid in Lin Yuan’s neck, looking particularly at ease. However, its slight movements obviously woke Genius up.

Genius meowed and looked at Lin Yuan before it brought over a towel blanket with its mouth from the sofa beside. It carefully helped cover Lin Yuan with it and snuggled into it, leaning in his arms and sleeping soundly.

When Lin Yuan woke up, he was a little surprised to see the time. He had actually slept for a full two days and immediately sensed his stomach protesting with a grumble.

He took out the dried food and fruits that he had stored in the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box and ate them. When he got up from the sofa, he was cautious, as he was afraid of waking up the sleeping Genius and Chimey.

However, the sweetness of the fruits woke them up from their dreamland. Upon seeing them awake, Lin Yuan fed Genius a Platinum Cane Luffa and Chimey a Platinum Celery Vine. They gathered around him, waiting for him to feed them. It was a warm scene.

He cut the Cane Luffa into small pieces and tore up the Celery Vine before feeding them to Genius and Chimey. Then, he stored them in the Spirit Lock spatial zone and walked out of the breeding room with full spirit.

The sunlight outside was just right. Despite being in the late autumn, the bright and beautiful sunlight shining into the breeding room through the windows was still warm.

Lin Yuan had just walked out of the breeding room when he found someone standing at the door. It was Liu Jie.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan, Liu Jie immediately revealed a smile. Lin Yuan did not expect Liu Jie to wait for hi

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