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The scenery in front had layers of wonders—it was like a bamboo forest in the deep valley that was accompanied with refreshing autumn wind. It was a manor that could be described with a saying, “The roar of the bear and dragon caused the fountain water to resonate, even the deep forest and mountains were alsoshaking1.”

Liu Jie was shocked by the beauty, but he still couldn’t help twitching his mouth!

Liu Jie involuntarily recalled the time he had visited and was thinking how Wen Yu had spent a fortune to invite three spirit qi professionals from the lifestyle-class Construction Association.

All of them possessed the Diamond Earth-Turning Giant Elephants. Using their exclusive skill, Earth-Turning Wrath, the old site of this manor, including the foundations, was turned into dust.

They then used the Earth-Turning Giant Elephants’ ability, Mother Earth Pressure, to turn the dust into compressed soil.

This huge project that would normally need a few months was completed in less than half a day under Wen Yu’s command. Even as Radiance Hundred Sequence #39, this was the first time Liu Jie had seen anyone hiring Diamond Earth-Turning Giant Elephants to tear down an old site.

It was something that no one would normally even dare to think about. These three Diamond/Elite Earth-Turning Giant Elephants might not have much potential to evolve again, but they were still the Royal Capital’s Construction Association’s distinguishing mark.

However, all these weren’t important. The most crucial point was how Wen Yu had generously used those Radiance dollars. The price for three Diamond Earth-Turning Giant Elephants to stomp the ground was just slightly lower than what was required to purchase a piece of land like this.

In the past, Liu Jie had always felt that women were very cute lifeforms, but after witnessing We Yu’s performance, he felt that this world’s most horrifying thing wasn’t the dimensional rifts. Instead, it was a woman who would use money without hesitation.


At that moment, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie saw Wen Yu holding a long list and walking out of the construction site.

When Wen Yu saw Lin Yuan, she ran happily and said, “Young Master, you have exited seclusion! Take a look at the development and see if it is good enough.”

Liu Jie involuntarily gulped down two mouthfuls of saliva.

Lin Yuan looked at Wen Yu’s expression, who was waiting to be praised, so he praised her first. “The development is going really well. But how did you do it?”

Lin Yuan was truly curious as to how this manor could reach this state in just two months.

When Wen Yu heard Lin Yuan’s question, her eyes immediately glistened as she started to speak nonstop. “Three Diamond Earth-Turning Giant Elephants to tear down the old site. But I felt that the old site’s soil wasn’t fertile enough, so I bought 500,000 catties of high-grade energy ores and two Diamond Soil-Flowing Titan Bears to bury the 500,000 catties of high-grade

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