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However, Zhou Jiaxin understood that she would need to rely on this youth if she wished to promote the store to Class 5. Just as Zhou Jiaxin felt as though her heart was thumping so much that it would jump out, and when she was so nervous that her throat was feeling dry, she saw the youth lifting his head and giving a sunshine smile.

He revealed a small set of white teeth and said, “The conditions offered by Big Sister Xin are very good. I agree to the terms stated in the collaboration agreement. We can collaborate.”

Lin Yuan’s words and sunshine smile allowed Zhou Jiaxin to put her heart back to its original place while there was a surge of ecstasy in her heart. Zhou Jiaxin knew that once this agreement was set with the youth, even if it was unknown if her store could reach Class 5, it would certainly maintain its Class 4 status.

“Lin Yuan, now that you are also a boss of the store, I shall let you see the detailed profit report during this period.”

Lin Yuan shook his hand and said, “Big Sister Xin, I will only provide the goods according to the agreement. I will not be involved with the management of the store.”

Lin Yuan’s words allowed Zhou Jiaxin’s heart to firm down. She was really afraid that Lin Yuan might want to change various management methods for the store.

Lin Yuan had very simple reasons to refuse.

Firstly, he didn’t have the time to help Zhou Jiaxin with the management of the store.

Secondly, Zhou Jiaxin was doing a great job with the management, and he didn’t have any opinions to provide.

Thirdly, the store was the same as a team of combat-class spirit qi professionals. Each team member might be able to provide their opinions, but the team could only have one leader and one main voice, especially during combat.

Otherwise, two voices might just split the full force into two, even though the objective was to push forward. But when two forces were pushing toward the same objective, there would be implications and interferences between the two forces.

Lin Yuan used a pen to sign the agreement, and after verifying it with the Star Web laws, it was now officially effective.

The load on Zhou Jiaxin’s mind had finally been resolved today.

At that moment, Zhou Jiaxin watched as Lin Yuan’s slender fingers with distinct bone structures placed the pen and document on the counter.

“Big Sister Xin, since I am already one of the bosses of the store, then I shall also contribute to this store. After some time, I might not be supplying Bronze Usneas anymore. Instead, they will be switched to Silver Usneas.”

Lin Yuan’s words overjoyed Zhou Jiaxin. If Lin Yuan could provide Silver Usneas, then the store could rely on the Silver Usneas to break through to Class 5, and it was almost certain.

Lin Yuan truly brought her a huge, pleasant surprise. Zhou Jiaxin could already imagine the customers in her store that would be going crazy as they would want to purchase those Silver Usneas in the

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