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A combat-class spirit qi professional would need a huge amount of resources to grow. If they could not keep up with the resources, they would waste their talents and affect their growth. There was no shortage of geniuses in this world who progressed slowly because of insufficient resources.

Just like Chu Ci, even if she had impressive potential, she might not even have a chance to go to school without Lin Yuan.

The flat-top man had ordinary qualifications, but he came from an affluent family. However, he was in dire straits now. Although his past glory had declined, he still had an enormous piece of land left.

After being in the society for a long time, he naturally understood the principle of the strong being respected.

His son had been gifted ever since he was young. He was now studying in the Spirit Qi Occupation Academy and was even a student of the key class.

Not long ago, a B-level guild club had shown interest in his son, so the flat-top man planned to sell the piece of land his ancestors had left behind and nurture his son.

As long as his son became a formidable combat-class spirit qi professional, it was possible to revive his family’s past glory.

Wen Yu had been watching the flat-top man’s nervous and hesitant expression. In fact, she saw that Lin Yuan had been looking at this piece of land for a long time. Given her understanding of him, she knew that he really fancied it. Otherwise, given his character, he would have long gone to see another place.

Therefore, she walked to the flat-top man and said, “It’s difficult to sell your piece of land!”

The flat-top man saw that Lin Yuan had not spoken and felt uncertain. Thus, his smile froze when he heard Wen Yu speak.

Wen Yu had always been carefully observing the flat-top man’s expressions. Now that he had an obvious change in his expression, she wore a smile on her face.

Even though her smile was gentle, the flat-top man did not think so. He only felt that her smile contained 30% of coldness, 30% of cynicism, and 40% of indifference. They added up to one meaning—they did not want to buy the land.

The flat-top man looked at Wen Yu with some indignation and almost blurted out, “You evil woman.”

Wen Yu did not know that a movie had started to play in his heart. She cleared her throat and said, “There are three reasons it’s hard to sell your piece of land. First, it’s too huge. Few people will buy such a large area of land for development. Second, it’s actually far from the Royal Capital. It would take at least half an hour with a Silver avian fey. Third, it will cost a lot of money to demolish so many dilapidated facilities.”

As Wen Yu spoke, the flat-top man’s expression turned even uglier. He nearly turned into a marmot and shouted at the open space, “Ah~!”

After Lin Yuan carefully looked at it and discussed it with Liu Jie, he decided to buy this piece of land.

Although the two pieces of land Liu Jie had picked were suitable

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