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If Wen Yu wished to save money for Lin Yuan, she wouldn’t even need to use Lin Yuan’s status as the Radiant Moon Palace’s Young Lord.

Once Wen Yu revealed her status as the Radiant Moon Palace’s spirit attendant, the experts in the Royal Capital would probably queue up to help with the manor’s construction. But as a spirit attendant of the Radiant Moon Palace, Wen Yu had a pride that originated from her soul and she would use that sense of pride to deal with others, apart from Lin Yuan.

The pride didn’t mean she was overbearing, but it was a kind of ego. This ego didn’t allow Wen Yu to accept any help from people trying to seek favors with the Radiant Moon Palace.

Lin Yuan knew that the Lord Mystic, which Wen Yu had mentioned, could only be Mystic Moon. However, he didn’t expect that Mystic Moon would actually help with the manor’s construction. He immediately took out his phone and made a call to Mystic Moon.

In the lotus pond, all sorts of lotus flowers were absorbing and exuding mist. The lotus flowers emitted a sunset-colored light, which was slowly rising up in the inner palace, projecting a pool of jade-like water.

The Platinum Spirit-Siphon Goldfish splashed around and blended into the breeze under this sunset-colored light.

However, this beautiful scenery was disturbed by a silver-robed and eminent man, who was standing by the lotus pond and letting out a wry smile.

The Moon Empress took a glance at Mystic Moon and felt the spirit tea that she was drinking was no longer fragrant.

Previously, the Moon Empress had asked Mystic Moon to visit the Chef Supreme to collect a Spirit Savory Pig. The Spirit Savory Pig was a unique fey that the Class 5 Creation Master Chef Supreme possessed.

It was just like the Radiant Moon Palace’s Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassias, but the Spirit Savory Pig didn’t have the same effects as the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassias, which could cleanse the body’s impurities.

The Spirit Savory Pig was merely a kind of food ingredient, but those who ate the Spirit Savory Pig’s meat would know the taste of this world’s best delicacy. It was also the reason why the Spirit Savory Pig’s meat was known as the world’s No.1 meat.

The Moon Empress had originally wanted to ask Lin Yuan to eat this Spirit Savory Pig delicacy together, but when she had asked Mystic Moon to look for Lin Yuan, she found out that Lin Yuan was in seclusion again.

The Moon Empress couldn’t help lamenting.My disciple is a little too hardworking, right!? How can there be such a hardworking disciple in this world?! It is making me look very useless as a Master!

But just earlier, Wen Yu had visited the Radiant Moon Palace to settle the bill with Mystic Moon. The Moon Empress finally found out that Mystic Moon had been helping Lin Yuan build his manor. This made the Moon Empress extremely infuriated.

How can This Empress’ disciple be lacking money! Even if Cheng Wu is useless, he still has plent

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