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The moment Lin Yuan took the Insect Queen out of his Spirit Lock spatial zone, Liu Jie immediately sensed it. When he saw the Insect Queen, which he had not seen in a long time, he instinctively felt its attachment to him, as well as its yearning and joy.

Without the trials and tribulations over the past two years—which had made Liu Jie fall hard from the peak to the bottom and become an ordinary person—he would not have comprehended that sometimes, not forgetting one’s own original intentions was the only answer.

If Liu Jie could shine in glory, he could also be in dire straits. Thus, his mind had become stronger.

If he did not have a mind as strong as iron, when he sensed the Insect Queen’s intimate spiritual fluctuation, tears would have streamed down his face instantly.

Liu Jie could not forget how he had felt its constantly worsening injuries and deteriorating spiritual energy until it reached the brink of death in the past two years.

Although Liu Jie knew that Lin Yuan had healed his Insect Queen when they shook hands, when he saw it fully healed and able to communicate with him through his mind, he could not help but feel all sorts of feelings well up in his heart.

However, before he had the time to relish the joy of this meeting, he realized that his Insect Queen had evolved from Epic to Legend. He started to tremble with excitement and looked at Liu Yuan, wanting to say something, but he could not utter a word.

Nobody would know better than him, its contractor, how hard it was to evolve the source-type Insect Queen. It needed extremely pure spirit qi to evolve, much purer than what was required to heal its damaged roots.

Not even the Class 5 Creation Master, Bamboo Monarch, could restore its damaged roots with such pure spirit qi. Lin Yuan was probably the only one who could do so and also raise it from Epic to Legend.

When Lin Yuan noticed that Liu Jie could say nothing due to his excitement, he could not help but smile brightly. He reached out to pat Liu Jie’s shoulder and said, “After this, it’s time for you to be reborn in nirvana along with your Insect Queen. The Radiance Federation people have always been looking forward to the return of Sequence #39, Heart of Insect Swarm.”

What Lin Yuan mentioned was a sore spot that Liu Jie had never dared to touch before. It was because he always saw how the Radiance Federation folks regarded the Heart of Insect Swarm as a hero on Star Web and how they looked forward to his return.

This degree of passionate concern and expectations made Liu Jie, whose hopes had been squashed at that time, feel nothing but helplessness and pain.

Liu Jie had wanted to return to his former days and dominate the competition with his insect swarm, but all his yearning was just like the shattered yet dappled light in a dream.

Liu Jie had never regretted resisting the dimensional lifeforms’ invasion outside Cold Frost City. While he had been commanding the Insect Q

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