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Back at the Guild Alliance, Lin Yuan had separated his statuses of Creation Master and combat-class spirit qi professional. They were set apart for his two Star Web Cards.

Lin Yuan’s status as Black, the healing-type spirit qi professional, was naturally bound to Lin Yuan’s record when he climbed the Star Tower.

When Lin Yuan had climbed the Star Tower previously, he had stopped when he defeated the spirit qi professional who possessed three Bronze snake-species feys.

At that time, Lin Yuan’s strongest fey had only been his bronze-grade Chimey.

If that spirit qi professional with the three snake-species feys hadn’t publicly given out his feys’ information, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have been able to gain the upper hand first. Lin Yuan had used swift commands to Chimey and used tactics, along with the exclusive skill, Clear Sky, to win the battle.

In fact, that spirit qi professional with the snake-species feys had revealed his feys’ information because he had been trying to act tough!

Lin Yuan still remembered that the highest the spirit qi professional had climbed was the 37th floor. As for Lin Yuan, he was only on the 22nd floor. Therefore, that spirit qi professional had found a reason to flaunt his superiority.

Every ten floors of the Star Tower was a jump, so for a spirit qi professional who had been to the 37th floor, he had naturally not taken Lin Yuan seriously as the highest the latter had climbed was only on the 22nd floor.

Nonetheless, in Lin Yuan’s opinion, exposing one’s trump cards to others was the most foolish choice anyone could make.

As compared to the time when Lin Yuan had fought with the spirit qi professional with the snake-species feys, Lin Yuan’s strength now had undergone an overwhelming change.

Lin Yuan had yet to lose when climbing the tower, so his win rate on the Star Tower was still 100%.

Lin Yuan checked his Star Tower personal information card.

Name: Black

Gender: Male

Height: 178cm

Weight: 61kg

Star Tower Floor: 23rd Floor

Spirit Qi Occupation: Healing-type Professional

Occupation Rank: C-Rank

Contracted Spirit-Lifeform:

Morbius (Bronze X/Legend)

Thousand Questions Beast (Bronze I/Legend)

Twilight Starbird (Silver I/Fantasy I)

Red Thorn (Bronze V/Epic)

Acid Corrosion Queen Bee (Gold I/Legend)

Duel Record: Duels: 23, Wins: 23, Losses: 0, Highest Floor: 23

While reading his personal and contracted feys’ information, Lin Yuan couldn’t help giving a satisfied nod. It was a great sense of achievement as this increase in strength was a result of his hard work over the past four months. He was no longer the same as before.

Lin Yuan’s personal information card would only display the necessary information—name, duel record, and spirit qi occupation—on the Star Web during battles.

If Lin Yuan chose to reveal any of his contracted feys, his first choice would be his Bronze/Epic Red Thorn, whose quality was the lowest amo

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