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As a protector who had defended Millstone Town against the pinnacle Class 1 dimensional rift, Black could be said to have fought against the insect tide alone when the people there were in times of peril. This in itself was a miracle.

This event was even more shocking than the time when Liu Jie, Radiance Hundred’s Sequence #39, had resisted the incoming dimensional lifeforms outside Cold Frost City to buy precious time for the city.

Liu Jie was a well-known star among the Radiance Federation, and because of this, whatever he did could only be said to be the icing on the cake.

It was like a flower bed that had flowers of all colors. Even if one added many peonies into it so that the garden could become bright and colorful, it was still a flower bed.

However, Black, an ordinary person, had stepped forward in times of peril. He was more like a hero rising from the ordinary people.

Back then, he had used the Silver Fantasy Breed healing-type fey’s ability that could allow severed limbs to grow back, an astonishing feat.

Even though Lin Yuan had left quietly at that time and had not accepted any commendations or the Star Web’s interview, this had tinted Black’s identity with mysteriousness.

Although he had accepted no interviews from Ascending Dragon City’s or Star Web’s reporters, Millstone Town’s spirit qi professionals, who had fought together with him, did not know how he really looked like or his identity, but they knew a lot about other things.

There were detailed descriptions in Black’s fan club and forum about Chimey, Blackie, and Red Thorn, the feys he had used.

Some people in Millstone Town that were at drawing had even drawn the feys that Black had summoned. All the feys’ names that Lin Yuan had called, like Chimey and Blackie, had circulated among the Star Web.

However, the more popular ones were still his Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily and Red Thorn, which had spread out the sea of flowers to fight against the sea of insects.

When Lin Yuan had summoned Chimey, Wang Shuai was not aware of it. There were many people on Star Web, so it was not unusual to chance upon duplicate names. Likewise, the same could be applied for spirit qi professionals. Even though healing-type spirit qi professionals were rare, there would always be one among the hundreds of combat-class spirit qi professionals.

They were all Black’s fans and dressed similarly, but there was nothing wrong with it, even if they did it deliberately.

The most fanatical fans would not form a contract with a fey similar to their idol just for the sake of chasing their idols in this world where strength was respected. Even if brainless fans really did so, it would also have to depend on whether their fey compatibility was the same as their idol’s.

During the battle outside Millstone Town that day, Lin Yuan had summoned Chimey to scout the dimensional rift. So many of those who had fought knew how it looked and its name.

As Black’

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